Celebrating SCN’s The Nine Pro AV Superstars

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Not your typical list of honorable mentions, Systems Contractor News (SCN) The Nine scouts out aspiring folks who are not just “in AV,” but who are young AV leaders that are involved and who are making a lasting positive impact in the industry.

This year’s class is no different. Talented in many ways, the professionals included will be the ones to watch. Amongst The Nine in the Class of 2022, Control Concepts’ Account Manager, Brittany DiCesare, shares her thoughts on why The Nine is important for her professional goals and the AV industry.

Why is The Nine essential to the AV industry?

Brittany DiCesare: The Nine allows the industry to get to know people who are helping to shape our industry. These people may not always be at the forefront of the industry. SCN’s The Nine finds these people and allows them to share their stories, their why, and showcase ways they’re shaping our industry’s future.

What does The Nine mean to you?

Brittany DiCesare: It is a true honor to be recognized as one of The Nine. Numerous people are rising in their careers in the AV industry. Being selected as a member of The Nine signifies that I’m on the right path, and what I’m doing is making a difference in the industry. It is humbling to be included in this great class. The other members are extraordinary in what they do and being mentioned in the same list is quite a privilege.

What do you hope to accomplish with The Nine nomination?

Brittany DiCesare: Ultimately, I hope my story and the stories of the other eight people in 2022’s The Nine help inspire others in our industry. There isn’t a single person on this year’s list or the past year’s lists that hasn’t faced a challenge or setback. So, I genuinely hope that our stories help others know that they aren’t alone in their journey, and that they, too, can make a difference!

What is your advice for those who would like to impact the AV industry positively?

Brittany DiCesare: If you would like to impact the AV industry positively, I’d encourage you (1) to accept who you are naturally. Learn about your natural personality. Determine your natural strengths and weaknesses. (2) Acknowledge your natural weaknesses and discover ways to sharpen those areas. (3) GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. I can’t stress this one enough. Push yourself. Find someone who will encourage and challenge you. You won’t see changes in yourself, your surroundings, and circumstances if you remain where you are.

The Nine is just one of the ways the AV world takes time to recognize the rising, influential people already in the industry who are establishing their roots. Being a part of this exclusive club provides the opportunity to make new and varied connections both in their typical circles and with an extended reach. With this exposure, The Nine can stretch further and push harder to impact the industry positively.

Current and past members of The Nine are moving the needle and making their companies, products, and services move valuable to their clients.  Control Concepts congratulates The Nine of 2022 and appreciates their contribution to shaping the future of the AV industry.

To learn more about The Nine and the impact of their involvement in the AV community, read the full article featured on AV Network.

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