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About Us

Founded in 1997, Control Concepts is the premier provider of specialized software and services for the Audio Visual (AV) industry. Control Concepts is a team of experienced technology professionals who specialize in AV control system programming, software development, and specialty services for AV systems in boardrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms.


Our Clients

We work closely with our technology partners to provide software and services that drive AV system efficiency and effectiveness.

Technology Managers

We provide technology managers with software and solutions to deliver consistency, reliability, and ease of use for their AV systems.


We provide consultants with software and solutions that help them maximize client investment, as well as supplement their skill sets.

Systems Integrators

We help integrators grow and scale their business by lending our expertise on complex projects.


We work with manufacturers to help them increase customer integration and implementation of their products.

Problems We Solve

At Control Concepts we go to great lengths to accommodate our clients.
Here are solutions to common problems brought to us by each market


AV Software and Solutions

We partner with Technology Managers, Consultants, System Integrators, and Manufacturers to design and deliver a full spectrum of AV software and solutions.

AV Control System Programming

We offer an array of control system programming services as well as management & maintenance once your AV systems are installed.

Custom Software Development

It’s not enough to simply provide a user with basic functionality using typical features and still call that a custom integrated system.

Middleware Solutions

By working with us, you gain more customizable development, more timely response, more control over your end product.

Driver and Module Development

For manufacturers, we look to provide module development and middleware development

Audio DSP Programming

With specialty services from Control Concepts like systems engineering, audio DSP programming, and field commissioning, we empower you to deliver more.

Field Commissioning

Technology managers, consultants, and integrators should consider the value of hiring a third party to commission their systems to identify open items and ensure performance standards are met.

AV Strategic Planning

As part of our specialty engineering services, Control Concepts offers AV strategic planning to its technology partners.

Blog Features

A Look Back on the Last 10 Years as We Celebrate a Milestone with Jeff Mackie

Back in 2010 the idea of leveraging modern programming languages in AV was far from mainstream. It would be years before Crestron announced SIMPL#, Extron unveiled Python, and QSC supported Lua scripting. AMX had only recently introduced Cafe Duet as a way to implement Java and support a standard API for common device types known as SNAPI […] This was the same year that Jeff Mackie, Control Concepts CTO, approached President and Founder Steve Greenblatt to share an idea he had for providing software offerings to expand the possibilities of AV control system solutions, surpass the perceived limits of traditional AV systems, and tackle challenges that others wouldn’t attempt.

Control Concepts Now Offering Utility Modules Online

In a continuing effort to expand the capabilities of traditional AV systems and support the greater community of control system programmers, Control Concepts announces the creation of a Utility Module Store. This store will facilitate the availability and distribution of Control Concepts utility modules.

“Over the years, our software developers have created innovative tools to serve our clients, address the unique needs of projects, and offer advanced system capabilities,” remarked Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts’ President and Founder.  “When we encountered periods of downtime during the pandemic, we invested in creating an online store to showcase some of our work and offer some modules we developed for internal use to other programmers.”

Control Concepts’ Application Simplifies Zoom Room Controls

With Zoom becoming a household name and Zoom Rooms playing a bigger part in clients’ strategic solutions, Control Concepts has developed a software solution to help technology managers, consultants, integrators, and manufacturers leverage the capabilities of Zoom Room Controls.

user interface of the Control Concepts Zoom Room controller

Uncovering the Why Behind HMTL5 in AV Control

As more AV manufacturers embrace the transition from proprietary programming languages and software development tools to open standards for control system solutions, there is a growing trend to adopt HTML5 for user interface design.

This move to HTML5 is not just another way to make the AV industry more appealing to outsiders or address the growing need for talent. Rather, there are very relevant and time sensitive impetuses that drive this significant shift.


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