About Us

Premium Software Development Solutions Provider

Manufacturers’ One-Stop-Shop for All Control System Integration Needs.

Founded in 1997, Control Concepts is the premier provider of specialized software and services for the Audio Visual (AV) industry. Our highly-qualified team of experienced technology professionals specializes in software development, control programming, and specialty services for AV systems.

Today, businesses cannot operate successfully without seamless AV system communication. Initially formed as a programming services company, Control Concepts has evolved and expanded its software development offerings to meet the industry’s needs.

Whether through software development, system programming, control modules, or middleware solutions, Control Concepts facilitates reliable, consistent, and intuitive operation of AV systems, helping manufacturers, technology managers, consultants, integrators, and end-users be more effective and efficient.

With mainstream programming languages and creative solutions, we aim to surpass the perceived boundaries and constraints of traditional audiovisual systems.

Our Clients Say

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing software development offerings to manufacturers, technology managers, consultants, and integrators throughout North America.

We set high standards for professional services and solid engineering practices. This has led to many satisfied clients, successful projects, and our well-earned reputation as a high-quality, reliable, and efficient control system solutions provider.