Audio Visual Control Systems Resources & Checklists

Company Backgrounder

Founded in 1997, Control Concepts was initially formed as a programming services
company for the audio visual (AV) industry.

Control System Programming

The AV control system is at the heart of all integrated AV systems and impacts its overall effectiveness. Proper programming is essential for completing profitable projects, gaining user confidence and client satisfaction, and promoting relationships.

Custom Software Development

Today, the AV/IT market demands a solution that integrates the varied external systems and software packages organizations rely upon to manage their facilities and schedule their assets.

Intuitive Interface Solution

Control Concepts designs touchpanel and software user interfaces that seamlessly operate an intricate network of sophisticated audiovisual equipment.

Middleware Solutions

In addition to programming and supporting software, Control Concepts develops middleware solutions that help to deliver a more seamless experience for technology managers and end users, driving unification across systems within their organization.

Driver and Module Development

With over 25 years of industry knowledge, Control Concepts is a highly-qualified team of certified programmers, software developers, and technology specialists that brings a creative and efficient approach to the work we do.

AV Strategic Planning

The AV landscape is changing. As networked systems continue to become more  sophisticated, control system programming and engineering services take on new dimensions and possibilities. Technology managers, consultants, and integrators
need a trusted partner to provide solutions they can grow with.

Configurable Solution Development

One way to achieve system standardization is through a custom configurable solution in which different room variations become part of a master programmed solution. This “master solution” can be configured to meet the needs of various room types providing they stay within the model.

Engineering Services: Audio DSP Programming

It is often said that you can get by with poor video or even complex operation, but you cannot overcome the issues caused by bad audio. If audio is not intelligible, it can ruin a presentation, conference call, or meeting as well as create an embarrassing situation with a client or partner.

Engineering Services: AV Field Commissioning

All the efforts in the world to plan, design, define, prepare, and train users on AV technology really do not matter if your system is not fully tested, debugged, and documented. Control Concepts can test clients’ entire AV system and make sure everything is working properly.

Project Management Toolkit (Checklist & Guides)

At Control Concepts, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality service that is customized to their needs. We understand that proper communication and documentation contribute to the success of a system during planning, construction, and daily operation. Control Concepts places a great deal of emphasis on information exchange to ensure our clients receive the quality of service they expect.

Control Functionality Specification for an Integrated System

This document is a sample of our typical submittal that defines the proposed control functionality for a project prior to programming.

Control Functionality Specification for Module/Driver Development

This document is a sample of our typical submittal that defines the proposed control functionality for a project prior to development.

Control Functionality User Manual

This document is a sample of our typical control system user manual for a project.