How to Plan for InfoComm 2023?

InfoComm can be overwhelming to newcomers and veterans alike. Being faced with an extensive trade show floor filled with elaborate booths featuring high-tech gear and tens of thousands of attendees makes it easy for even the most focused person to get distracted.  As more companies exhibit, new educational sessions are offered, and more social and networking events are held, everyone is vying for the same finite amount of time.

Over the years, the trade shows that have been most successful follow a strategy, including roles and goals for everyone on the team, and have a pre-planned schedule. This year’s event marks Control Concepts’ 27th consecutive InfoComm trade show, so we prepared a summary of the steps we take to ensure a successful experience and outcome:

Register Early

The earlier you register, the more time you gain to create a calendar to review and keep track of the educational offerings and networking events you would like to schedule. Click here to register

Define what a successful outcome looks like

What is your goal? Define the number of meetings, connections, leads, and new contacts that will constitute success for you.

Make a Plan

Make a list of manufacturers, clients, and partners to determine attendance and availability. Schedule the most critical appointments first and build others around them. Leave time for impromptu discussions, ad hoc meetings, and travel time between booth appointments while balancing education sessions with exploring new technologies on the show floor. Stay for Friday, it’s a great time to walk the floor.

Reach out to Brittany DiCesare to schedule a time to meet with us.

Stay Where the Movement is

Plan to stay in one of the closest and highest-trafficked hotels. This is a great way to see more people, get visibility, and make connections.

Get Settled

Arrive at least a day before the show starts to get settled, pick up registration material, and familiarize yourself with the show floor layout and the area before the crowds arrive. 

Attend Social Events

These are great ways to see friends, clients, and partners and make new connections in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are some of this year’s social events we will participate:

Find more events here.

Use Social Media in Your Favor

Stay tuned with social media to get real-time updates on news and communication surrounding InfoComm. Share your experiences and whereabouts, and be sure to interact with your audience.

Must follow:

After Hours is Where the Gold is at

Find out where everyone is hanging out after hours. Staying up a little later and socializing can be very valuable to tighten up relationships and make connections with those you didn’t have a chance to talk to during the show. 

Our Team’s Tips

Steve Greenblatt, President and Founder

– Have a portable power bank to recharge your phone. Phone power can run down quicker than normal and you don’t want to be left with a dead phone.

– Be sure to schedule your appointments in the local time zone.  Reminders will be ineffective at the wrong times.

– Know where your people will be each night and plan a common meeting place to find those who you want to see.

– Start from the back of the convention center each day and work your way forward. There will be fewer crowds and those who have booths away from the entrance will appreciate you.

– One little blister on your feet can take you down, so be sure you are prepared with the right footwear!


Brittany DiCesare, Account Manager

– Make sure you turn off your auto-schedule for Do Not Disturb on your cell phone. That way you don’t accidentally miss a chance to meet up.

– Bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated.

– You’re going to need chapstick since it’s so dry in Vegas. Find us! We’ve got you covered in that department.


Adam Hanson, Senior Developer

– Plan your schedule with some gaps in it, meetings can run long and your next appointment might be a bit of a hike!

– Simple conversations can lead to larger business discussions, be prepared to re-prioritize your schedule and add time where it’s needed most.

– Follow through on your follow-ups.

Don’t Forget

  • Always have business cards with you wherever you go
  • Wear comfortable shoes that aren’t brand new. 
  • Drink more water than you think you need. 
  • Bring portable chargers.


InfoComm is one of the few times of year that the professional audiovisual world comes together in the US, and there hasn’t been a year that we regret attending the show. Split time at different events, but be present while you are there. Have fun, be grateful, enjoy time with friends, and celebrate the industry! 

By defining goals, establishing a strategy, and executing a plan, the odds of having a favorable outcome that provides a return on your investment will be significant. 

Still unsure if you should attend? Maybe this will help: Why is it Important to Attend InfoComm?

Have a great InfoComm!

If you plan to be there and want to connect, whether to schedule an appointment or just say hello, please reach out to Brittany DiCesare.

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