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Who We Are

Welcome to Control Concepts, Inc! If you don’t already know us, we are categorized as an independent programming company within the AV industry, but as most labels are limiting, we are so much more! We traditionally serve as a resource for programming AV control systems like Crestron, AMX, Extron, QSC, Utelogy, etc. As an independent programming company, Technology Managers, Consultants, and Integrators contract or specify us to define the functionality, create the user experience, develop the code, deploy, test, commission, and troubleshoot integrated AV systems of varying sizes, applications, and quantities. Additionally Manufacturers work with us to help make their products more accessible for programmers and integrators to work with when implementing control systems. 

Our Evolution

Throughout the years, the value of independent programming companies has evolved and so has Control Concepts. In late 2010, Control Concepts began to break the mold of the traditional independent programming company. We saw the opportunity to bring modern software languages and mainstream software development methodologies into the AV programming landscape. In doing so, we developed a niche in both expanding the capabilities of traditional AV control systems and addressing unique needs and challenges that clients proposed facilitating the accomplishment of unique and innovative solutions. Thus, we became known as the company to call when a request seems like it can’t be done within the realm of typical AV control software.

In establishing this niche of applying software development languages and methodologies to the AV space, we found a new opportunity to identify with AV manufacturers and software providers looking to make their products easier to integrate with control systems. This led to Control Concepts being known as an AV middleware development company where we provide modules, drivers, plugins, software applications, etc. that bridge the gap for other programmers to easily implement control of third party devices and software with AV control systems.

In addition to control system programming and software development, we have found that clients value having a single resource to use for their audio DSP configuration needs along with their control system programming.  As a result, our team has expanded to include certified audio expertise to align with the top quality control system programming Control Concepts has been known for since 1997.

Technology Managers

For technology managers, we offer standardization solutions and address the need for consistent programming across an entire enterprise.


For consultants, we provide predictable outcomes for their projects and address the need for a known programming solution for their clients.

Systems Integrators

For integrators, we address the need for handling complex, large-scale projects requiring an expanded skill set and increased bandwidth.


For manufacturers, we help make products easier for integrators to implement with control systems through middleware development and support.

What Makes us Different?

 As more products expand to include control and more control system platforms adopt configuration options, the need for AV middleware (modules, drivers, plugins, software applications) will become more and more critical. Control Concepts seeks to grow product control compatibility, ease the burden on integrators needing to implement complex devices, streamline and make project implementation more efficient, and support programmers seeking to expand their capabilities.

Additionally, as more AV systems are deployed on an enterprise level, the need for a software development mentality that focusses on solution architecture, ease of deployment, efficient maintenance, effective management, and reliable upgrades is critical. Control Concepts evangelizes the critical need for standardization, planning, and foresight in developing enterprise solutions for clients. The vast majority of systems are no longer one-off bespoke deployments. Big picture strategies for scalability and preservation are essential to long term success.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Check out our resources designed to support our clients and business!

We offer a wealth of content to help serve our audience and share more insight about Control Concepts. Thought provoking and articles written by the subject matter experts at Control Concepts are shared on our Blog. In addition to writing our own content, Steve Greenblatt is a regular contributor to industry Publications that are also shared on our website. Lastly, Steve both hosts “A State of Control” Podcast available on AV Nation.

Our Utility Modules Store offers a variety of solutions available for download to address common needs that programmers may not have the opportunity to tackle on their own.

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