I’ve known Control Concepts for several years and consider them one of the most Professional, customer-service-driven companies in our industry

Audio Visual Control Systems Testimonials

“The control system is vital to an A/V project… it could make or break it. We trust our programming needs to the professionals at CCI. They are excellent communicators, keeping you informed throughout the course of the project. They are also highly personable, making each new endeavor not only fascinating, but a pleasure. They really know the product and are quick to respond. The end result is the highest quality control system available. Their attention to detail, personalized user interfaces, and even the fun-loving environment of their Fair Lawn, NJ office make them industry leaders. Any user or integrator would be well advised to use their services!”
— Mario J. Maltese CTS-D, CTS-I, CEO
Audio Visual Resources, Inc

“I’ve known Control Concepts for several years and consider them one of the most Professional, customer-service-driven companies in our industry. Everything they do is first class. They’ve always excelled in our certification courses and kept on top of our standards. Control Concepts is very well respected in our industry and I appreciate all they do for AMX.”
— Debbie Franklin
General Manager
AMX East

“Like anything, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Control Concepts has programmed a lot of control systems, and it shows. Their staff is well trained in all aspects of Crestron and they do a great job maintaining their high level of knowledge. They stay abreast of all the latest technology and have a glowing reputation amongst our dealers. Control Concepts is at the pinnacle of the CAIP Program. They represent the ideal of what a support company should be to the Commercial and Residential AV industry.”
— David H. Silberstein, CTS
Manager of Technical Services
Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions
Crestron Electronics

“In general, I have found CCI’s panel designs and programming expertise to be representative of the best examples in the industry. They are a pleasure to work with, professional, responsive, and always able to effortlessly engineer whatever level of project we ask them to work on.”
— Brian E. Huff, CTS-D
Supervisory Audiovisual Consultant
Acentech Incorporated

“I’m extremely pleased that I have been able to work with Control Concepts for our control system programming needs. They developed a custom interface that I find so intuitive that all of our employees can use it with ease. I have worked with them to implement several systems in various locations and I receive the same feedback from all my colleagues; they love it. Control Concepts has become my preferred choice for all of our programming needs. Their quality of work and technical expertise provide me with confidence that I will achieve the outcome that I am expecting.”
— Michael J. Chiappalone
Deutsche Bank

“I want to thank you for your extensive efforts to resolve any issues that my clients’ raise and commend you for meeting their expectations. Your customer service skills are exceeded only by your technical capabilities. It is times like this that validate my decision to select Control Concepts as our exclusive partner for control system programming.”
— Robert J. Fini, CTS
Principal, Design Director
FutureSys Design

“Year after year, Control Concepts provides control system programming and interface design services for my University. They have helped us to develop a standard so all our users know how to operate any of our systems located in our buildings across campus. They assist us in maintaining our existing systems as well as providing consulting, project coordination, and technical support. What I appreciate most is their rare blend of skills that allows them to be effective in interfacing with varying contractors and users as well as their courage to ‘tell it as it is’. We are very pleased that we found CCI and look forward to our continued partnership.”
— Michael S. Mills
Princeton University Media Services
Office of Information Technology

“We were very impressed with the thorough and professional approach that Control Concepts provided with their programming and support on the Montclair State University project. This project was quite demanding with nearly 80 rooms and at least (6) different types of systems. We especially appreciated the thoroughness in their process and their keen insight and questions that helped avoid potential technical issues. They have proven throughout this project that they truly have a handle on the necessary processes in managing a complex software project as well as the idiosyncrasies of the audio/visual industry. The ultimate complement to Vistacom and Control Concepts came from the client stating that all the systems worked well and were very easy to operate for all users.”
— Jim Ferlino
Vistacom Inc.

“Throughout the projects we have worked on together, I consistently find your staff to be extremely professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. You provide the confidence that my projects will be handled in the best manner possible and my systems will work reliably without concern. I have nothing but positive things to say about Control Concepts; they are my independent programming firm of choice.”
— Jean-Paul LaFleur
Real Time Services, Inc.

“The Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer (CAIP) program plays a crucial role in bringing quality, reliable system programming to our industry. The user interface in particular, at the forefront of all of today’s integrated systems, demands a well-planned and executed design to ensure a positive user experience. We are proud to have Control Concepts, a company who consistently displays the utmost in competency and professionalism, as a founding member of this elite group.”
— John Heffelfinger, CTS
Regional Manager, Consultant Market Development
CAIP Program Director
Crestron Electronics, Inc.