Manufacturers’ Module Development

Trusted by Manufacturers; Sought by Users

Modules and Drivers that Increase Adoption and Integration of Manufacturers’ Equipment

Today, control system manufacturers are promoting an easy-to-program or configurable approach, resulting in a need for plug-in control modules and drivers to simplify programming for their equipment. To address this, Control Concepts develops modules and drivers that help manufacturers create more effective and adaptable products for their clients – integrators and programmers.

Our customized drivers and modules help simplify the programming and integration of equipment from days to minutes which ultimately increases adoption. Increased industry adoption of manufacturer products play a critical role in improving user experience across the AV industry.

Our driver and module development brings more value to manufacturers’ products by making them easier to integrate with simplified control system programming and configuring.

With over 25 years of industry knowledge, Control Concepts offers a highly-qualified team of certified programmers and software developers who bring programming insight and field experience to the work we do. By supporting a variety of control platforms, we are in the unique position to offer a full suite of modules that provide consistency of operation and a one stop shop for all control system integration needs.  We strive to provide a valued partnership to manufacturers that not only includes exceptional work, but also quick turnaround time and ongoing support with upgradability offerings.

Control Concepts is certified by a variety of control systems providers for the commercial and residential markets which enables them to offer AV manufacturers the software platforms they need including modules, drivers, and other custom solutions such as mobile applications. Our customized solutions allow AV manufacturers to provide their clients with consistent, customized approaches that deliver more value.

Control Concepts is proficient with the following control systems platforms for module and driver development: