Control Concepts Bolsters Software Development Team with the Addition of Jonathan Chaidez

Hiring programmers in the AV industry has historically been a challenge. Not only do their qualifications have to meet the requirements, but they also need to mesh well with an existing team, be adaptable and willing to embrace prevailing methodologies and practices, and have a shared vision with the direction of the organization. It is even more difficult to find the right fit in a competitive job market where AV programmers that have what it takes to become AV software developers are even more unique.

As Control Concepts continues its quest to redefine its identity as an AV software developer serving manufacturers, software providers, and integrators with their API (Application Programming Interface) integration needs, we are pleased to announce the addition of veteran AV programmer Jonathan Chaidez to our software development team.

Jonathan joins Control Concepts with six years of AV industry experience spanning installation through programming. He is well versed in several control and audio platforms including Extron, QSC, Crestron, Audinate, and Symetrix.

What is most intriguing about Jonathan is his passion for knowledge and his self-driven interest in learning new programming languages including Python, Lua, JavaScript, C, Rust, and Visual Basic.

Jonathan Chaidez, Systems Programmer

“I’m excited to join a true software team where I can apply my background and experience while learning from others who are well versed in implementing software development methodologies in the AV industry,” shared Jonathan Chaidez, Control Concepts’ Systems Programmer. “Developing modules, drivers, and plugins is not only the type of work I truly enjoy, it is also rewarding because of the great benefit it provides manufacturers, integrators, and other programmers.”

“We welcome Jonathan with open arms and know he will be a valued asset to our clients and team at large,” remarked Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts’ President & Founder. “Jonathan’s passion for software development paired with his curious desire to keep learning and growing make him a great fit for this role.”

The addition of Chaidez expands Control Concepts’ software development team to eight, and the overall team to twelve, providing added bandwidth in anticipation of increased demands from manufacturers planning new product releases or expanded capability of existing products through the availability of control system modules, drivers, and plugins to leverage their fully-featured API.

“As the AV industry continues to move toward more out-of-the-box configured solutions, manufacturers understand the critical importance that modules, drivers, and plugins play in their products’ adoption,” added Greenblatt. “Our current team has been specifically groomed to address this need in the market and serve as a reliable, supportive partner to help increase project efficiency and product success.”

Collectively, Control Concepts prides itself on solving the software challenges that seemingly exceed the capabilities of ordinary AV programmers. With Jonathan’s experience, potential, and eagerness to keep learning and growing, we maintain our commitment to pursuing this new reality while serving clients’ needs and providing value within the AV industry.

About Control Concepts

Founded in 1997, Control Concepts is a leader in the integration of manufacturers’ products with AV control system platforms through the development of drivers, modules, plugins, middleware, and accompanying support. The value provided by these offerings eases the effort for integrators and programmers seeking to control devices with robust APIs and provides simplified compatibility for third-party manufacturers’ devices.

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