Jeff Mackie Named Control Concepts’ Chief Technical Officer

As a testament to his knowledge, experience, and leadership sills along with his creative vision for the future of AV software solutions, Control Concepts, Inc., a Crestron CSP, AMX VIP, and Extron EQIP company, is proud to announce the promotion of Jeff Mackie to Chief Technical Officer. Jeff joined Control Concepts in 2010 with a  20+ year technical background and varied experience with an AV manufacturer as well as in integration.  He has seen the industry evolve from a hardware-based to software-driven solutions ecosystem.

With deep knowledge in varied programming languages and experience with AV systems, devices, and controls, Jeff came to Control Concepts to do something different.  He had a vision of applying mainstream programming languages, software development methodologies, and outside the box solutions to common and not-so-common needs in the AV industry.

“When Jeff came aboard 8+ years ago, it was a great opportunity to move Control Concepts in a new direction.  The market was becoming saturated with companies who were only offering common solutions within the realm of leading control system programming platforms,” remarked Steve Greenblatt Control Concepts’ President and Founder.   “With Jeff’s knowledge and creative insight, we were able to offer outside-the-box solution that enabled us to differentiate ourselves.”

Through Jeff’s strengths and leadership, Control Concepts has grown to be known as the “Module, Driver, and Middleware Development Company” and the programming company thought of when looking to address a need that is not easily solved by traditional control system programming.

“I’m excited by this new role and title.  It reflects the value that Control Concepts has put on me and is consistent with the commitment that I have made to the company’s future,” shared Jeff Mackie Control Concepts CTO.  “I came to Control Concepts to do something different and see how we can provide unique offerings to the industry.  Steve and I have worked together to develop a solid team of multi-faceted software developers that are ready to learn new languages and technologies in order to tackle the needs of our clients and prospects.”

“At times, we may have been too progressive thinking for the pace of market,” add Greenblatt.  “However, in recent years there has been an increased push by manufacturers toward adopting mainstream programming languages like C#, Python, Javascript, and Lua. The vision that Jeff and I had in 2010 is now widely welcomed.”

If you don’t already know Jeff, you will likely soon as he will be involved in many project discussions and client relationships.  Should you want to offer congratulations or discuss current or upcoming needs Jeff and others on the Control Concepts team are ready to help.



Control Concepts is nearing release of new Middleware that interfaces Crestron Fusion with EMS Platform. To learn more about the changes and why a new solution is important or to receive Control Concepts’ pre-release pricing click “Learn More” below.

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