Newest Addition to the Control Concepts Team – Elizabeth Scozzari

As they say, no team is fully functional without a solid foundation and efficient support structure. Leaning into that thought, Control Concepts is proud to announce the addition of Elizabeth Scozzari in the new role of Executive Assistant.

Although Elizabeth joins the Control Concepts team with little to no AV solutions experience, she brings a fresh, outsider’s view to the 20+ year old Crestron CSP, AMX VIP, and Extron EQIP company from a user and consumer standpoint. What she lacks in AV or IT knowledge, she makes up for in marketing, business strategy, system and process development, organization, and business development.

“I am excited and encouraged to have Elizabeth work alongside of me to support our business, team, and clients,” remarks Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts President and Founder. “Having someone with Elizabeth’s experience and expertise enables me and the rest of the Control Concepts team to focus attention on continually on serving our clients and addressing business needs while strengthening our foundation for the future.”

Despite not coming from a technical background, Elizabeth possesses a hunger for a challenge and is a life-long learner. Her professionalism, flexibility, mindset, and multi-faceted skills are consistent with the makeup others on the team both technical and non-technical.

“Each member of the Control Concepts’ team wears many hats depending on the needs of our clients, business, and industry. Elizabeth is no different,” states Greenblatt. “The essence of Elizabeth’s role will be to back me in our efforts to move the company forward and maintain the level of quality, consistency, and expertise that our clients expect.”

Please welcome Elizabeth to the Control Concepts’ team. She prides herself on her ability to find the answer, even if it’s not something she currently knows. Reach out and get to know her.

To learn more and get in touch with Elizabeth, along with the rest of the team, visit the Control Concepts Team Page.  Elizabeth is looking forward to building relationships in the AV community.