It’s Easy Being Greener in AV

Green AV has a lot to do with making systems smarter, more energy efficient, and being more conscientious about waste.  Components of Green AV impact all parties involved in the industry, so the responsibility  falls on many shoulders; however, feature-rich  programming is the linchpin.

Manufacturers can be called upon to produce “greener” products through environmentally conscious processes as well as by  including features for energy management and reporting and improved control functions like discrete control for on and off, standby features, and economy modes.

Consultants and Integrators can support Green AV by specifying “green” products and by designing systems in which components can managed as to their energy usage by receiving feedback to enable control and monitoring of power states.

Owners and End Users should be educated as to the benefits of Green AV, so that appropriate purchasing decisions are made.  Facts and figures through marketing as well as data and real-time measurements through system design and system monitoring can help in making the case and creating the demand.

A significant area that needs to be considered in support of Green AV is the importance of Programmers.  Control system features and functionality can make any system “greener”.  Additionally, the combination of green programming features, system design, and device specification can provide the ability for a system to be fine-tuned as to its energy usage by balancing energy management with system functionality and effective operation.

Technology Managers should not only request and support Green AV products, system designs, and functionality, but also effectively utilize the programming features and functionality to maximize their effectiveness.  Additionally, by having the ability to monitor, make adjustments, and compile data, the value and benefit of green features may be measured and justified.

In summary, Green AV provides environmental benefits, energy savings, cost savings, and efficiency by limiting down time through leveraging controls to extend device life, optimizing consumables like lamps, and providing increased system monitoring.  Green AV requires a collective effort; however, it is easy to get started to make any system “greener” through effective control system programming practices.

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Steve Greenblatt