Testimonial Third

The control system is vital to an A/V project… it could make or break it. We trust our programming needs to the professionals at CCI. They are excellent communicators, keeping you informed throughout the course of the project. They are also highly personable, making each new endeavor not only fascinating, but a pleasure. They really […]

Testimonial Second

I’ve known Control Concepts for several years and consider them one of the most Professional, customer-service-driven companies in our industry. Everything they do is first class. They’ve always excelled in our certification courses and kept on top of our standards. Control Concepts is very well respected in our industry and I appreciate all they do […]

Testimonial First

Like anything, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Control Concepts has programmed a lot of control systems, and it shows. Their staff is well trained in all aspects of Crestron and they do a great job maintaining their high level of knowledge. They stay abreast of all the latest technology […]