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Steve Greenblatt

The Hidden Challenges of AV Control Programming

While most AV manufacturers build their products with integration in mind, the effort to control third-party AV devices can still be a challenge. In the early years of integrated AV systems, control and automation were accomplished with purpose-driven equipment hardwired to provide specific user interaction. These systems were essentially fixed in their functionality with little room […]

Getting Extra Mileage From Your AV System

More often than not, the go-to solution for a system that is not satisfying users’ needs is to purchase new equipment and start over with a new installation. Whether or not perception is reality, it is commonly thought that operational defects are tied to the brand of equipment being used and that by simply replacing […]

Tips for Returning Employees to Work

A return to in-person work in one form or another is imminent. Whether organizations bring back their entire staff, schedule a staggered presence, or plan to congregate on demand, the pandemic work life that everyone has grown accustomed to will be changing for the majority of businesses and staff. Even if these changes don’t have […]

Improving Project Hand-Off

When is a project complete? For some, completion is defined by satisfying requirements, receiving a sign off, or achieving client satisfaction. Although completion signifies a finish line associated with contracts, scope of work, payments, and a transition to move from one commitment to the next, completion of an installation simply marks the next phase in […]

Tips for Training Your AV Team

One of the continuing challenges that organizations face is building the skills of their team. Whether it is to orient and train newcomers, advance the knowledge and capabilities of existing staff, or provide a path for career advancement, there is a real need for a training strategy with resources that will facilitate growth and keep […]

How to Expand Your Network in the AV Community

Just as it is virtually impossible to be an expert in all areas of business, a profession, or an industry, it is highly improbable to be successful without a network and connections. Without the benefit of professional contacts, colleagues, clients, and friends to provide support, facilitate learning, stimulate growth, challenge ideas, field questions, and offer […]

Blurring Lines Fostering a New AV Industry Dynamic

As our society shifts to become more aware of profiling and encouraging of diversity, the need to look beyond labels or preconceived notions, be more receptive toward others, and seek to listen and understand are critical steps in achieving harmony, acceptance, and productive outcomes. The same can be said for divisions within the AV industry. […]

How to Get Started at AV Programming

For those looking for a long-term, rewarding career path in the AV industry, becoming an AV programmer might be the answer. AV programmers have been in demand for decades with the rise of integrated systems requiring ease of operation and intuitive interface design. Whether the solution is custom-programmed or configured, effective control system implementation and […]

Tips For Advancing Your AV Career

Being in a technology industry, the majority of learning and skill development is often focused in technical areas. Whether it is to master installation techniques, become trained in the latest hardware, develop proficiency in the newest programming language, or amass certifications of competency in areas of technical expertise, aspiring to become and advancing as an […]

How to Succeed at AV Programming

For decades, integrators, consultants, manufacturers, and technology managers have wrestled with the challenge of addressing programming for their AV projects. Some have hired programmers on staff, while others look to freelancers or subcontractors to satisfy or supplement their needs. In any case, programmers remain a scarce resource, and the demand for good programming can be […]