Making Technology and the AV Industry Accessible

Control Concepts, whose main focus is AV control system programming and software development, has brought a lot to the industry including expert knowledge, industry-known modules, drivers, and middleware, as well as a diverse team whose skill sets has get reach across the industry. However, Control Concepts doesn’t limit itself to hiring only those who are industry qualified. I know this from firsthand experience. When I was hired in November of 2018, I came to Control Concepts with no industry background whatsoever. With a strong background in administration, business development, and sales, along with some experience in marketing, I was a good fit as President and Founder, Steve Greenblatt’s executive assistant. Through a  varied introduction, I have been exposed to what the AV industry is all about and how control systems are truly a part of day to day life.

With so much to take in, it amazes me that there isn’t more of an awareness of the AV industry. Especially for those still in school, looking for a career, or planning for the future. From using programming skills at work to fixing things around my house, the possibilities for incorporating AV solutions seem endless. Don’t be fooled, there is much more to AV than the programming side of things. There are a number of opportunities for people with an interest in designing, customizing, and connecting the dots between equipment as wells as coding. If a person is interested in sales, customer relations, event planning, marketing, or accounting there are plenty of those positions available in the AV industry as well.

After attending my first Technology Showcase the impact of this industry has grown. For such a large industry, the community itself is small but no less mighty. From owners and front runners in the industry, to strong females in leadership roles, and to general networking and camaraderie it is clear that the AV industry is fueled by more than just technology. Though, there were some really cool products I was able to learn about. Some of which are things I’d like to consider in the future when I decide to upgrade from a condo to a house!

From firsthand experience I have found programming and configured solutions to use at work and at home. At, or really because of, work I have been able to get a better understanding of how technology works, and the greater impact of smart phones and other other smart technologies in all aspects of life, but especially how they have impacted the industry. From my experiences here and with technology, I have a greater appreciation for conference rooms, hotel suites, and even car systems. Prior to working at Control Concepts, I wasn’t aware of how complicated or simple these systems were, and how truly inspiring it is that people are able to take different platforms and programs and make them seamlessly integrate.

In my home life, I have a smart plug as a timer for the light in one of my four fish tanks. I have used the popular app If This Then That (IFTTT) to connect my smart plug, Alexa, and my smart phone. I have learned how to set up a website and a pop up and have both of those talk to my social media accounts and email marketing accounts. Using IFTTT, I have successfully automated all of my website’s social media platforms while keeping most of my own separate. While I have had an active and free blog since 2015, I never before thought I could own, operate, or build my own personal website. A website that I can update accordingly and where I own and control all of my content instead of relying on a less independent model or one that comes with the cost of using a free platform.

Being surrounded by programmers and professionals of all different backgrounds and experiences, I am so happy that I have found the AV industry, and am definitely sad that I didn’t find it sooner. With programs like NSCAs Ignite young people are able to learn about the industry and all it has to offer. Students enrolled in the program have access to knowledge, internships, and opportunities that can get them a head start in finding their way. Even though the industry has open arms for younger people, they will welcome anyone with an interest. One of Control Concepts best programmers comes from a completely different background equipped with a degree in art. The AV industry has something to offer anyone, especially anyone with a oneness to learning and developing!

While it might be my very humble and personal opinion, the AV industry has truly become one of the coolest industries around. In the age of Marvel-madness featuring technological genius and the man behind Ironman, Tony Stark and fellow genius Bruce Banner (also known as the Hulk) it is cool to have an understanding of technology. None the of advancements featured in Black Panther or any of the Ironman movies would be possible without the AV industry. People like me who are new to the industry and all of our friends are realizing that technology truly is all around us. We aren’t far behind the developments that make the Avengers so successful or their opponents so dangerous. We are at a tipping point where the AV industry has outgrown the stereotypical “Revenge of the Nerds” persona, and has become what the cool superheros are doing. And while, I might be more scared than most of my friends during movies like “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” I also don’t work for fictional characters Stark or Banner, I do work with really cool and interesting people. People who understand not only how technology works or how to stop it should there ever be a tech-takeover, but people who are inspired to share their knowledge.

I’d welcome the opportunity to meet more members of the AV community and get to hear your stories.  Please reach out and connect with me via email or LinkedIn!


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