Symco Technology Showcases: How to Provide User Experience Defined AV

As the conversation about the pending demise of custom solutions and control system programming becomes louder, the focus on user experience is trending on an upward path.  User experience has become a critical part of differentiating products and solutions throughout all of the business world, modern technology, and naturally the AV industry.  Ironically, custom solutions and programming plays an important part in delivering many desirable user experiences.

As defined in its title, user experience focuses on providing value to users and customizing solutions that truly enhance workflow, productivity, efficiency, comfort, and everyday life.  These achievements do not come to be by creating solutions in isolation nor by addressing functionality requirements after the solution or product has been designed.  It is a results from listening, collaborating, and refining ideas before the system or product has been specified.

User interface can play a large part in the user experience, but is not always the center of the conversation.  Ideal user experiences are a result of identifying user types or personas, clarifying needs and exceptions, proposing approaches and ideas, prototyping and evaluating potential solutions, and very importantly, gathering feedback from user interaction to continually revise and improve the solution until user goals and satisfaction are met.

By following an agile development process and allowing the functionality to feed the system or product design, the approach to AV systems can become much more user-experience-centric.

If you are interested learning more about these ideas, meeting and conversing with industry leading manufacturers, and networking with like-minded professionals, join us at the upcoming Symco Technology Showcases on April 23 in the Washington DC metro area and April 25 in the Philadelphia metro area where I will be presenting CTS accredited class about User Experience Defined AV Systems.

This class and others are also be available on a per request basis by indicating interest on our website.