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Crestron’s Steve Samson, Director of Business and Market Development shares his thoughts on the CSP name change with Control Concepts.  In his guest post for us, Samson points out that for the many former CAIPs (now CSPs) who have already been offering services beyond programming, the new designation allows us to continue to exceed expectations and gear our comprehensive scope of services to meet a variety of customer needs in the changing technology landscape.

What prompted the change from CAIP to CSP?

The role of the CSP has certainly evolved over the past ten years. What was once a small group of programmers has become a network of business savvy professionals, offering a plethora of design and engineering services.

With this success comes the necessity to grow. As the industry and marketplace change at lightning speed, Crestron Authorized Independent Programmers (CAIPs) play a larger role in a project beyond just Crestron programming. To keep pace with this evolution, the name change to Crestron Services Providers (CSPs) was necessary to succinctly convey the broader range of professional roles and services they can offer customers, including design and engineering services, DigitalMedia™ commissioning, commercial lighting commissioning, project management, Fusion RV™ and Fusion EM™ deployment, software development and more.

What are some of the services that CSPs offer?

  • Crestron System Programming
  • Touch Screen Graphics Design
  • DigitalMedia™ Commissioning
  • Commercial Lighting Commissioning
  • Fusion RV™ and Fusion EM™ Deployment
  • Software Development
  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Project Management

What does the name change really mean?

The name change gives the CSP the avenue to expand into a broader range of professional roles and services they can offer customers. The name change is just the beginning of the new venture for CSPs. Crestron will be there to support them every step of the way as they navigate different disciplines within our industry.

How will Crestron support CSP’s expanding their businesses?

It is important to capture and define the work, deliverables, and timeline for each project. This ensures that all key elements are addressed upfront and all parties have agreed on the directive, timeline and costs associated with the project. The scope of work requirement provides the CSP with clear direction, ensures the client’s satisfaction, and maintains profitability for the CSP.

Steve Samson, Crestron Director of Business and Market Development

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