Turning AV-over-IP Challenges Into Opportunities

AV has relied quite heavily on IT for some time now for facilitating control of devices, interconnectivity of systems, communication across applications, and management of assets, rooms, facilities, and AV operations. To date, provisioning of AV devices on the network has become a fairly manageable effort that could be done with minimal disruption to IT […]

Creating an Integrated Meeting Room Experience

One of the biggest catchphrases in the AV industry of late has been the “integrated experience.” What does this entail for spaces like meeting rooms? A true integrated experience needs to account for all considerations that make an impression on users and provide positive feelings and a successful outcome before, during, and after being in […]

Control Concepts Welcomes Jonathan Brenner!

As the needs for our 20+ year client base of Crestron, AMX, and Extron projects continue to grow, Control Concepts raises its commitment to the AV community with the addition of Certified Programmer and aspiring software developer Jonathan Brenner. Jonathan joins Control Concepts after breaking into the industry on the AV integration side where he […]

Control System Programming vs. Software Development: Is there a Difference?

While “programmer” and “software developer” are often used interchangeably, there are in fact some key differences between the two roles, especially in the AV control space. When we refer to AV control system programming, we are essentially defining the process of creating a program that allows the user of a room or space to interact with […]

Tips for Attending ISE 2019

As Integrated Systems Europe continues to grow to record heights, each year there are more first timers to visit the show and/or Amsterdam.  Last year was my first time, so I thought I’d share some useful observations and tips. The first thing to know is that this show is larger than the largest InfoComm show. […]

The Cost of Not Having Control Modules

As the industry moves toward more configurable, “no programming required” solutions, the availability of device drivers or control modules (terminology depends on the specific system) compatible with the popular control platforms (Crestron, AMX, Extron, RTI, Control4) is greater than ever for AV manufacturers. Conversely, for a control platform to be effective in providing a solution that does not depend on complex […]

Control Concepts Welcomes Adam Hanson!

With an eye on future trends and opportunities in the AV control system landscape, Control Concepts is proud to announce the addition of industry veteran, Software Developer: Adam Hanson. While each member of the Control Concepts team comes from a varied background, Adam’s history stands out in particular for a member of a Crestron CSP, […]

Control Concepts Welcomes Trevor Payne

New Hire Spotlight  Name: Trevor Payne Title: Senior Systems Engineer Contact: trevorp@controlconcepts.net Control Concepts is excited to welcome Trevor Payne to the team as a Senior Systems Engineer. As a lead programmer on the Integrator side for many years, Trevor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in AV systems programming and software development, with […]

Our Insights from Crestron Masters 2017

Several of our Control Concepts team members came back from the recent Crestron Masters 2017 event ready to share what they learned about technologies and products in the AV pipeline. Here are some of their insights. Our Senior System Engineer Brad Case believes the influx of new devices delivering video streaming and voice recognition will […]

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