Control Concepts

Can Independent Programmers Play a Vital Role on Your Team?

I continually devote a lot of time to building personal relationships with our customers and associates, in order to better understand their needs and ways of doing business. This is because we want to develop an easy, efficient working relationship and become a more effective and valuable resource.  From my experiences and conversations over time, […]

Green AV Through Control System Programming

As seen on Project Green AV article link In a previous discussion, I mentioned the fact that it’s easy being “Green-er “ in AV and talked about the collective effort and responsibility of building Green AV systems.  From manufacturers to designers to technology managers to programmers, each constituent plays a role and has […]

It’s Easy Being Greener in AV

Green AV has a lot to do with making systems smarter, more energy efficient, and being more conscientious about waste.  Components of Green AV impact all parties involved in the industry, so the responsibility  falls on many shoulders; however, feature-rich  programming is the linchpin. Manufacturers can be called upon to produce “greener” products through environmentally […]