Lessons Learned

The Importance of Scope

Anyone who has spent time in the AV industry is familiar with being assigned jobs that have not been adequately explained.  Jokes about napkin drawings are plentiful, but sadly they are real.  One such example involved a client who drew out a system on a white board, took a picture of it and submitted as their programming […]

How to Optimize Projects and Manage Costs

As discussed in a previous post titled “Higher Hourly Rates Result in Lower Costs,” an hourly rate is not indicative of the true cost of a service provider.  Rather, the time it takes to complete tasks or deliver outcomes is the determining factor.  Since time is a limited asset for everyone, its value should be protected […]

Listen to the Customer – They’re Smarter than You Think

For those who know me, I tend to lean to the quiet and reserved side. Although being an introvert requires more effort to be “on” and can be a challenge for networking and sales, I have found a component of this behavioral characteristic that is very valuable for relationship building. That asset is listening. Because […]

Red Hook Initiative

It was a great night in Brooklyn on Wednesday, January 29, when I joined AV Network for a panel discussion on the AV industry for young adults at the Red Hook Initiative. Speaking and working with the next generation of AV technology professionals always gets me excited for the future of our industry.  We are […]