Dan Worth Joins Control Concepts as Director of Engineering

Control Concepts is proud to welcome Daniel Worth to the team as the newly named Director of Engineering.  Dan is an exciting addition to the team as an experienced and well respected audiovisual systems designer and engineer as well as audio DSP programmer.

With Dan on board, we are able to offer our new and existing clients even more.  Formerly the Director of Design Services for Verrex Corporation, Dan is talented, knowledgeable and experienced.  As our new Director of Engineering, Dan helps the entire CCI team to satisfy the broad scope of customer needs and enables us to provide a scope of services beyond the range of traditional independent programming companies.

We sat down with Dan to talk to him about his thoughts on joining the Control Concepts Team and what he is most looking forward to in his new role.

What stands out most to you about the Control Concepts Team?

Historically, I have worked with the Control Concepts team on a number of projects.  I have always been impressed by how well they worked together and the discipline with which their process was maintained.

With Control Concepts, there were never any surprises.  And that’s how I work as well.

What are you looking forward to in your role as Director of Engineering?

I’m excited to see where it can go, especially with integrating audio DSP and control programming from a single source… all audio is now programming, it is all done on a software basis, like control systems.

As a member of the Control Concepts Team, I am looking forward to the collaborative small team environment.  I am looking forward to relying on each other.  This was part of the draw for me to come to Control Concepts.

Will you be joining Control Concepts at InfoComm15?

Yes, I will be at InfoComm with Steve and the team.  It’s good to see the new equipment and I am looking forward to meeting Control Concepts clients and to discussing what Control Concepts can offer and how we can solve some problems.

Welcome Dan to the Team or make plans to meet up at InfoComm in Orlando: danw@controlconcepts.net.