Control Concepts’ Steve Greenblatt Presents at InfoComm Academy 2008

InfoComm ’08 marks the third consecutive year of seminar instruction for Control Concepts’ President Steve Greenblatt, CTS, who will be presenting “Non-Programmers Guide: Control System Programming”.

“Instructing seminars at InfoComm provides an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge, contribute to the industry, and learn from others”, remarks Steve Greenblatt.  “Each time that I have been granted this privilege, I have had a unique experience and felt personal reward and growth connecting with everyone involved.  The ability to share experiences and help others is very gratifying.”

This year’s seminar focuses on how an effective approach to control system programming is essential for completing profitable projects, gaining user confidence, ensuring customer satisfaction, and promoting future business.  This course, which teaches non-programmers about the factors that contribute to successful programming and achieving a desirable outcome, is intended to broaden the audience’s knowledge of the capabilities control systems and examine decisions and considerations that need to be taken into account in order to make a project successful.

“Control system programming is a prominent part of integrated systems.  It is essential for all parties involved to become more aware of the impact of programming and more knowledgeable about how this potentially intangible part of a project is handled”, states Steve.  “Knowing what is possible, how to make good choices, the value of defining specific requirements, and the importance of setting expectations is a critical path to success in this area.”

The seminar, geared toward providing valuable insight in dealing with control system programming for sales staff, designers, project managers, technicians, and end-users, will be presented on Wednesday, June 18th from 10:30AM – 12PM in Room N257.   For more information please check out the InfoComm 08 website

Steve Greenblatt is currently the Chairman of InfoComm’s Independent Programmers Council and serves on InfoComm Board of Governors.  Control Concepts Inc., established in 1997, is a leader in audiovisual control system programming and interface design.  Combining the elements of information technology, human factors, and advanced programming concepts, our skilled team sets the standard for AMX and Crestron control systems.

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