Control Concepts celebrates TENTH Anniversary.

In a young market, consisting of companies dedicated to control system programming, Control Concepts, Inc. is thrilled to be “old”! March 2007 marks Control Concepts’ ten year anniversary as an Independent Programming Company.

In 1997, Control Concepts, Inc. (CCI) was born from desire to provide the highest quality control system programming possible and it is the support of many that has made Control Concepts a success.

“When I first started the business 10 years ago, Independent Programming Companies were virtually non-existent and control system programming was not as complex and vital as it is today. There were very few resources available for specialty programming and related services. Control Concepts was created to provide a custom programming service that clients could not receive anywhere else,” recalls Steve Greenblatt.

Over the years the focus of CCI has been on quality and customer satisfaction. “It’s not enough just to get the job done, it’s important that the job be done with care and a sense of ownership,” remarked Mike Korinko, Senior Programmer. “Each job we do is a reflection upon the entire company and we work hard to maintain a favorable reputation.” From day one CCI was built on relationships and personal attention. It is that mission that has propelled CCI through the years. Control Concepts’ devoted customers know what they can expect and that is why relationships grow.

As business grew and independent control system programming became more widely accepted, Steve continued his forward thinking by growing the company and putting an emphasis on user interface design. User interface design has been a signature of CCI for a number of years and is now a focus of attention in the industry. InfoComm International’s Dashboard for Controls committee has released templates and guidelines that support the methodology the CCI’s graphic designers have utilized throughout the years, making CCI a pioneer in this area.

As an indication of their level of commitment to their customers, another notable event in the company’s history was the establishment of a Project Coordinator. By having one person to oversee all projects and be a central point of contact for customer needs, Control Concepts is able to provide a consistent level of service and a comfort level that clients can appreciate. “There is always someone available on the other end of the phone to cater to a client’s need. We take customer service very seriously and realize the reliance that our customer’s have on us as well as the critical nature of their projects,” remarked Holly Witzer, Project Coordinator. “My role is to ensure that at the end of the day, our customers can rest assured that we will be here for them.”

Control Concepts has also contributed to the community through involvement in industry association councils, seminar instruction, and assistance with Best Practices efforts. “We have a strong, talented team full of passion, energy, and the desire to make an input in the future of our business,” said Mr. Greenblatt. “Our team has set high standards for professional services and solid engineering practices by providing consistent, reliable solutions to satisfy the industry standards.”

The result of the collective efforts of the Control Concepts team has been ten years of quality service in the audiovisual industry.