Q-SYS Configuration Suite by CCI


Every system contains unknowns or elements that will vary based on system particulars, device settings, installation requirements, and user preferences. These can include IP addresses, lighting presets, source names, room names, timing adjustments, or automation settings. Building in the ability to adjust these elements from a technician interface in the field, without the need to modify code, will reduce the number of code revisions substantially and limit the amount of one-off programs.

The Q-SYS Configuration Suite by CCI plugin suite allows modification and storage of persistent configuration settings within a Q-SYS program during runtime. Settings are edited via an auto-generated webpage hosted on the Q-SYS Core. The plugin suite allows for multiple configuration files with no limitation on the number of configuration categories or the number of configuration items added.

Rather than creating configuration files manually, the CCI Configuration plugin suite provides a professional-looking, user-friendly web page interface that anyone with permission can access.

A free trial of the plugin can be downloaded and utilized in emulation mode. A license per Q-SYS Core will need to be purchased to utilize in a project.