Our Team

Audio Visual Solutions from Control Concepts Team

President & Founder

Steve Greenblatt

As one of the pioneers in the independent programming industry, President and Founder Steve Greenblatt has built his career and the company with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to quality service. His focus on these values has contributed to his professional development and is the foundation of Control Concepts.

Steve started his career in 1993 at Crestron Electronics as a Systems Engineer where he spent three years. While at Crestron, he worked on two of the largest projects at the time, gaining extensive technical and professional skills. During this time, Steve built key relationships and gained critical knowledge, while learning the value of organization, time management, communication, and professionalism – all components that have proven to be essential building blocks of his business.

In 1997, Steve’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start an independent programming company, an offering that was not yet mainstream. While there were initial challenges, it was Steve’s detailed, attentive, and reliable approach that helped propel Control Concepts to steady growth and a loyal following.

Over the years, Control Concepts has formed many long-term client relationships through the company’s development and implementation of AV control programming and software solutions for systems in boardrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms. These partnerships are the essence of why Control Concepts was established and remains committed to helping organizations maximize effectiveness, productivity, and seamless AV communication.

Steve is a graduate of Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Director of Product Development

Jeff Mackie

Jeff Mackie joined CCI as lead developer and Director of Product Development.  An AV industry veteran with 30 years of engineering experience, Mackie comes to CCI from AMX, where he was a senior developer and project manager since 1998.  At AMX he led a development team that was responsible for creating custom software for integrating audio visual systems into residential and corporate environments and integrating them for global strategic customers.  Prior to AMX Mackie was associated with three AV firms in New Jersey, Delaware and Washington, DC as project engineer.  He completed course work in aeronautical science at Embry-Riddle University and computer science at Montgomery Community College.  A highly experienced programmer, Mackie is fluent in many languages and environments including Java, C++, C#, VisualBasic, VB.NET and many different databases including MySQL, MS Access and MS SQL.

Senior Systems Engineer

Mark Weinberger

Mark Weinberger, a self-proclaimed technology enthusiast and A/V Geek, joined the Control Concepts team as senior systems engineer in September 2016. In this role, he provides users with custom tailored solutions suited to their workspaces and environments, while maintaining relationships to ensure continued satisfaction.

Throughout his career, Mark has conquered many roles across the technical spectrum, from soldering tiny components on circuit boards to creating clean user interfaces pixel by pixel, and all the infrastructure that ties it together. With a passion for technology, Mark is committed to continual learning about the latest AV systems, software, and hardware. He gained a reputation as “The Closer” for his field engineering work testing and commissioning equipment to make certain all the hardware and programming was working flawlessly and system users received the necessary training.

His industry certifications include InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS), Crestron Masters, Extron Control Professional, and AMX Control Systems Programming Expert.

Mark studied computer programming at Herzing College.

Software Developer

David Glassman

David Glassman joined the Control Concepts team in 2013 as junior programmer, a newly created role at the time. David came on board from RTS Unified Communications where he was involved in a variety of activities including administrative coordination, proposal generation, graphics development and website maintenance/content creation. After experiencing the many facets of the sales side of AV, David decided to pursue the path to becoming a control programmer and interface developer.

While continuing his primary role at Control Concepts, David spent several years of practical study and obtaining hands-on experience programming multiple AMX, Crestron, and Extron projects. In 2015, he officially transitioned into the position of software developer, which was created to meet the increasing demand for out-of-the-box software and module solutions.

As a developer, David has played an active role in architecting and developing several of CCI’s specialized software products and key modules utilizing a variety of tools and languages such as SIMPL#, Python, Javascript and more.

David holds over a dozen manufacturer and industry certifications including the InfoComm CTS, AMX Solutions Master, Extron Python Programmer certification and Crestron Silver-level Master Programmer certification.

David has completed extensive design coursework and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Senior Systems Engineer

Joe Volpe

Joe Volpe entered the AV industry, like many in the Philadelphia area, by working for Peirce Phelps, Inc (PPI). When Joe initially joined PPI’s Technical Assistance Center, his role supported VSAT satellite systems. Later, he moved on to support all Video Conferencing codecs brands including the networks and equipment surrounding them.  Enjoying the challenge that came with integrated systems, Joe stayed with the company for several years after PPI was acquired by VTEL and continued his industry work supporting VSPAN and TANDBERG.

After PPI, Joe joined AMX where he spent the last 14 years in several training and project management roles with most of his time spent as a Programmer in the PSG department.  In this role, Joe worked with many clients and integrators programming and supporting varied integration projects throughout the country.   Over the last five years, he remained focused on programming while managing large accounts in AMX’s Global division.

Holding several certifications from AMX, Joe looks forward to bringing his 20 plus years of industry experience to Control Concepts to help serve their clients.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from West Chester University in Pennsylvania and a Project Management Certificate from Penn State University.

Software Developer

Natalie Jackman

Natalie Jackman brings a wide range of experience to her position as software developer at Control Concepts.  She is one of several new hires in 2017 whose addition supports the growing demand for Control Concepts’ AV services. Natalie, who is Crestron certified, has a specialty in designing sophisticated and user-friendly systems that integrate IT with AV. Previously she worked as senior programmer at ZeroDay Technology Solutions, where her projects included writing a Crestron template program to control separate meeting rooms and developing an intuitive interface program for a complete Crestron system. As software developer at Pepper Dash, Natalie programmed systems from scratch or a template depending upon the clients’ specific requirements, solving problems on job sites and fixing code.

Natalie first fell in love with programming computer systems high school and has since continued to be heavily involved with them both in and outside of work. She is president of Universal Apps, which she founded while programming a universal AV app for Android.

Natalie graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a bachelor of science degree in Computer Art.

Senior Systems Engineer

Brad Case

In January 2017, Brad Case became part of the expanding Control Concepts team.. As senior systems engineer, his focus is on writing Crestron programs, serving as project manager for the technical aspects of contract jobs, providing customer support, and building client relationships.

Previously, Brad operated an independent programming business serving the AV industry. For nearly a decade, he worked as an independent Creston programmer supporting several AV vendors. Brad also worked at MTS Services as Senior Commercial Automation Programmer supporting four office locations and assisting with solidifying relationships with several large accounts. Brad’s Crestron programming experience includes project work on 148 unique customer accounts and 235 professional programs. He also worked as a Verification Engineer and Resident Engineer at Nortel Networks.

Brad holds numerous certifications including Crestron, AMX Lv1.1, CCNA, Passport 15K/8600 Maintenance, and DMS100 Maintenance.

He received his bachelor of science degree from SUNY Polytechnic Institute Utica/Rome with a concentration in data network design and technology.

Senior Systems Engineer

Trevor Payne

Trevor Payne joined Control Concepts as a Senior Systems Engineer in January 2017. With years of experience in AV System design, control system and DSP programming, his role will focus on establishing a unified codebase among seemingly disparate systems within a project to accelerate large deployments.

Trevor joined the AV industry back in 2009 when he began working desktop support at a commercial electrical contractor in Baton Rouge, LA that had a small residential AV business. Although not part of his initial job description, he was given a bunch of Tightrope and Pico-Macom equipment shortly after joining and told to figure out how it all worked, finalize the design of the system, and then install, commission, and test it for deployment in a 1000-bed hospital within 45 days.

Trevor’s first “AV” project was a successful, and career-transforming experience. He immediately fell in love with the industry, and with the support of his CFO, revitalized and took the reins of the previously defunct Technology Division within the company.

In 2014, he left to join a larger integrator firm as a lead programmer with involvement in several high-profile, multi-million dollar projects.  Along with obtaining Crestron and CTS certifications within this three-year period, Trevor gained extensive skills and experience working closely with many projects spanning the areas of programming and standards development. He also managed the deployment of a Version Control System to rescue 12 years of accumulated code from chaos.

Field Systems Engineer

Terry Worrell

Terry Worrell became a member of Control Concepts in 2017 bringing with him a keen interest in delivering the “Wow” factor to the end user. In his position as field systems engineer, he is responsible for managing and supporting all audio DSP programming and commissioning projects.

Prior to joining Control Concepts, Terry was a field engineer at an integrator/dealer. In this role, Terry assessed client needs and delivered customized final AV installations including video conference and teleconferencing rooms, point to point learning rooms and video data walls using Extron, Autopatch, Inline, Infocus, ClearOne, Tandberg, Polycom, and Shure equipment. Terry also worked with Best Buy, based in St. Louis, to help set up their home theater installation program which later became Geek Squad.

During his 22-plus-year career, Terry worked as a commercial and residential electronic engineer and home theater specialist. He has experience in AC/DC control circuitry, NEC code regulations as well as programming Crestron for AMX control systems and audio DSP devices.

Terry is certified in Crestron, Tandberg, Polycom, JVC, InfoComm CTS, Barco, Extron, Sony and AMX.

He attended Missouri Technical College where he received an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering as well as in Computer Science.

Customer Relationship Manager

Dayna Baumann

Dayna Baumann brings a depth of experience to her role as Control Concepts’ customer relationship manager. Her 10-year background in client relations is invaluable for facilitating and maintaining the company’s relationships with partners, clients, and respected industry members.

Prior to Control Concepts, Dayna worked in the retail industry, where like the AV industry, providing exceptional client experience is a top priority.

As a member of the InfoComm Young AV Professionals and Women of InfoComm councils, Dayna strives to become a dedicated, reliable, and valued contributor to the industry.

An active social media participant, Dayna works to monitor trends, build relationships, and identify opportunities to expand client services and increase awareness and recognition. Follow her on Twitter @daynabaumann.

Dayna received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology from East Stroudsburg University.

Customer Experience Coordinator

Lynn Abraham

As Customer Experience Coordinator, Lynn connects directly with Control Concepts’ clients to provide administrative support and services. Lynn is responsible for managing company accounts and finances, while playing a leading role in human resources and employee relations efforts. She is also instrumental in scheduling and overseeing client projects, as well as facilitating communication between technical staff and customers.

Lynn has more than 15 years of business experience handling all aspects of accounting, from receivables and payables to billing and credit issues to collections and payroll. She also has over 10 years of experience in human resources and labor relations, including record maintenance and company benefit facilitation.