AV System Field Commissioning

Complete AV System Testing to Ensure
Proper System Operation

All the efforts in the world to plan, design, define, prepare, and train users on AV technology really do not matter if a system is not fully tested, debugged, and documented. Control Concepts can test the clients’ entire AV system and make sure everything is working properly.

If a client finds issues related to system performance or installation that could have been eliminated by detailed system commissioning, they will lose confidence in their system and have concerns that they were not delivered a fully tested, quality product.

Technology managers, consultants, and integrators should consider the value of hiring a third party to commission their systems to identify open items and ensure performance standards are met

Control Concepts’ field commissioning can eliminate concerns and help clients ensure that their system will be accurate and reliable.  Control Concepts’ field commissioning services include thorough inspection, testing, verification, and documentation of the entire AV system.