SIMPL# Crestron Programming for Maximum Efficiency, Performance and Flexibility

As we have discussed previously, Crestron’s SIMPL# is a conduit for bridging Crestron’s SIMPL programming language with its 3-Series controller’s support for the powerful C# programming language.  Working in SIMPL# offers Crestron programmers maximum efficiency, fast turnaround, improved performance and increased flexibility.  All of this helps us deliver even more for our clients and enables […]

User Needs Turn Programmers into Partners

With the growing level of competition at all levels, the opportunity to stand out in the crowded AV/IT landscape depends on the ability to provide solutions that address needs rather than just satisfy requirements.  In the age of networked AV systems, ordinary is no longer enough. As expectations for integrated systems increase, designing, installing, and […]

AMX Plugin Development that Surprises for All the Right Reasons

The Control Concepts Development team, helmed by Jeff Mackie, recently completed development of middleware that provides connectivity between AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) and EMS Software by DEA for purposes of sharing scheduling information extending the capabilities of AMX control systems.  In its initial implementation for a large healthcare provider, this custom solution unified the […]

Listen to the Customer – They’re Smarter than You Think

For those who know me, I tend to lean to the quiet and reserved side. Although being an introvert requires more effort to be “on” and can be a challenge for networking and sales, I have found a component of this behavioral characteristic that is very valuable for relationship building. That asset is listening. Because […]

Still Packing Granny On Top. Guest Post by Marc LaVecchia

By Marc LaVecchia – President, BMA Software Solutions While driving to a job site recently, I stopped beside an old pickup moving someone who was either a terrible planner or in a desperate hurry to move. The items were stacked frighteningly high, defying any rules of balance, as if the plan for loading the truck […]

Power of Control: Microsoft, Google and AV/IT Convergence

With four months until InfoComm2014 (June 14 – 20, in Las Vegas) talk in our office is revving up about getting ready for the show and making plans to meet up with our AV industry colleagues and customers from around the world.  But this year, the buzz is different from what we have seen before. […]

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