Independent Programmers

15 Years Later: A New World and a New Industry

When I started my career in 1993, e-mail, cellphones, “portable” laptops and even the Windows operating system were barely on the scene.  The idea of having a touchpanel in a boardroom, classroom or home was as foreign a concept as having a robot for an assistant. The AV industry as much as those we work […]

Programming Ahead

As Control Concepts gets ready to celebrate 15 years in business, we travel back in time to share our perspective with you on how control systems programming has evolved in the past decade and half; what the control system programmer’s unique contribution to the audiovisual industry is right now; and what the future holds for […]

Can Independent Programmers Play a Vital Role on Your Team?

I continually devote a lot of time to building personal relationships with our customers and associates, in order to better understand their needs and ways of doing business. This is because we want to develop an easy, efficient working relationship and become a more effective and valuable resource.  From my experiences and conversations over time, […]

So You Want to Go Out on Your Own

The desire to “go out on your own” is often sought by an individual who is frustrated with their current position, compensation, level of respect, or potential for growth.  To top it off, the glory of others’ success stories enhance the temptation to be your own boss, work from home, set your own hours, and live […]

The Truth about Working with Independent Programmers

Many questions go through the heads of business executives, project managers, and sales people everyday when they are put in the position as to which direction they should go to satisfy their control system programming needs. Outsourcing isn’t for everyone There are many integrators who have never outsourced programming and do not believe that it […]

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