Control System Programming

Systems Standardization, Profitable Solutions

Systems standardization is an approach to projects in which systems are designed based on consistent standards.  System standardization, when programmed correctly, leads to the creation of a master program that handles system variation, takes into account all the variations within the system, and allows for greater profit opportunities.  The master program supports a specific set […]

Why Control Concepts Will Be At InfoComm 2012

Like so many of you we are gearing up for InfoComm 2012 next week in Las Vegas.  As we started to prepare for the show we thought more about how important it is to attend, and all we are looking forward to accomplishing.  Some may have opted out this year but for Control Concepts, like […]

15 Years Later: A New World and a New Industry

When I started my career in 1993, e-mail, cellphones, “portable” laptops and even the Windows operating system were barely on the scene.  The idea of having a touchpanel in a boardroom, classroom or home was as foreign a concept as having a robot for an assistant. The AV industry as much as those we work […]

Programming Ahead

As Control Concepts gets ready to celebrate 15 years in business, we travel back in time to share our perspective with you on how control systems programming has evolved in the past decade and half; what the control system programmer’s unique contribution to the audiovisual industry is right now; and what the future holds for […]

AV Configurable Systems

The AV Configurable System Uses Complex Models to Make AV Easier Control Concepts is embracing the idea that the control system programming element of a project can be streamlined and made more cost effective for the client.  Rather than programming complex one-off systems that are costly to design, program, implement and maintain for each system […]

Can Independent Programmers Play a Vital Role on Your Team?

I continually devote a lot of time to building personal relationships with our customers and associates, in order to better understand their needs and ways of doing business. This is because we want to develop an easy, efficient working relationship and become a more effective and valuable resource.  From my experiences and conversations over time, […]

Green AV Through Control System Programming

As seen on Project Green AV article link In a previous discussion, I mentioned the fact that it’s easy being “Green-er “ in AV and talked about the collective effort and responsibility of building Green AV systems.  From manufacturers to designers to technology managers to programmers, each constituent plays a role and has […]