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Audio Visual Control Systems Resources & Checklists

The Configurable Solution for System Standardization

Configuration solutions provide an unlimited number of unique system solutions that include enabling quantities and types of sources and destinations, functionality features, operation modes and environmental controls. See our description of the Control Concepts configurable solution project phases and deliverables.

Project Initiation Checklist

Deadlines, time sensitivity, quality and accuracy are paramount to project success. At Control Concepts, we take pride in managing expectations, maintaining our commitments and coming through for our customers. In doing so, we have identified the importance of effective and timely communication and information exchange. See our Project Initiation Checklist to learn how.

Control Concepts Site Readiness Checklist

System staging and onsite testing are critical components of a project process. At Control Concepts we respect the time and money you invest in a project. We ensure that system staging and onsite testing are as effective as possible.

Customer Service

A summarization of the importance of relationships with our customers.

Intuitive Interface Solutions from Control Concepts

See how Control Concepts touchpanels are custom designed to provide consistent, intuitive, branded control for video conferencing, audio conferencing and presentations.

Interface Design

A brief explanation of the procedure followed in order to provide a well designed control interface.

Green AV Checklist eBook

Our checklist including practical, useful tips showing how you can start saving energy and money with your AV system right now.


An overview of our control system programming services.

Project Milestone Timeline

A guide to the process we have established to deliver quality service in a timely manner.

Project Process Flowchart

A graphical representation of the procedure we follow and the detailed documentation we provide to complete the programming for a typical system.

Quote Request

A guideline for presenting project information for a proposal.


Feedback from our customers and colleagues.

Samples of Our Work