cRESTful by CCI v1.2.0

REST is an interface between systems using HTTP to obtain data and generate operation on data in a variety of formats. REST is the most common of APIs used for web services.

The CCI cRESTful module suite creates a customized external RESTful API for a Crestron SIMPL program, utilizing Crestron WebScripting technology. An external API provides the ability to control and get status for specified components through a Crestron program. It is perfect for monitoring and adjusting specific values, states, and settings as in a custom help desk, dashboard, or other remote monitoring application.


This module suite allows the Crestron processor (3-series or above) to serve a RESTful API using the processor’s onboard IIS webserver. This allows external clients (such as web applications) to communicate with the Crestron processor in a flexible and customizable manner and convert messages to/from standard Crestron digital, analog, and serial signals.

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