When Experts in their Field Connect

Outsourced and Overflow solutions for Systems Integrators Including Control System Programming, Audio DSP Programming, Field Commissioning, Systems Engineering

As a consultant, we know that you might feel uncomfortable as to whom you may have to work with as a result of the bid process to provide a complete system for your clients. We hope to eliminate some of the major variables in a project that you may be facing through our specific scope of services for the critical aspects of projects.

Why Control Concepts? Control Concepts allows you to maintain control of your project and will provide the confidence and consistency you need from project-to-project when working with a variety of integrators. A familiar relationship with Control Concepts will result in a comfortable understanding of expectations and yield a streamlined, efficient outcome. There will be no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ for each new project.

Successful results based on proven processes, expertise, and experience.

Specialty AV services to meet your specific needs

For systems integrators, we help provide many AV services including:

  • Control System Programming
  • Audio DSP Programming
  • Systems Engineering and Design
  • Field Commissioning
  • Software Development
  • Middleware Solutions

For systems integrators, we are able to take on more of the variables within your project that limits the risk associated with the bid process. By using Control Concepts for your specialty services, we are able to provide assurance that all of the complex portions of your project will be handled in a manner that the consultant and end user customer intend.