AV Control System Programming


AV Control System Programming Crestron CSP, AMX VIP, Extron EQIP, Utelogy

The AV control system is the heart of all integrated audiovisual systems; therefore, AV control system programming directly impacts the overall effectiveness of the AV system. Proper programming is essential for completing profitable projects, gaining user confidence, ensuring customer satisfaction, and promoting future relationships.

From an outsider’s perspective, AV control system programming is often a time consuming variable that is potentially frustrating and costly. However, when programmed effectively, the control system can be the highlight of the AV system demonstrating creativity, skill level, and customization.

The entire user experience may be determined by the appreciation for the control system operation. Understanding the capabilities of a system, identifying the needs of the user, and determining how to provide the best solution given the parameters defined are the keys to attaining a positive outcome. It is important that the client or end-user be educated on what options are available to them and what results they should expect.

It is Control Concepts' approach to AV control system programming as well as our involvement in a project beyond simply writing code, that makes us different from other solutions.

AV Control System Programming

The role of an AV control system programmer extends beyond creating code to operate an AV system. At Control Concepts, our programmers are involved in the front end of the project interfacing with the technology manager or user to assess needs, identify existing standards, determine technical comfort level, gather system requirements, and establish expectations. Additionally, we work with technology managers, consultants and integrators to confirm that system designs and selected equipment supports the desired functionality.

One of the unique aspects of working with Control Concepts is that, prior to programming any project, a Control Functionality Specification is developed. to define the user interface design look, feel, and flow as well as the intended functionality of the system. A valuable step in the overall success of the project, this tool provides all parities a chance to review and comment on the proposed solution prior to programming and implementation.

Once the Control Functionality Specification is approved and programming is written, Control Concepts’ programmers play an integral role working with integrators to test and troubleshoot the system and ensure that the requirements are met and the system performs to the expectations of the customer.

It is Control Concepts’ approach to AV control system programming as well as our involvement in a project beyond simply writing code, that makes us different from other solutions, leads to successful outcomes, and helps develop long lasting relationships with technology managers, consultants, and integrators looking for a partner to support their ongoing needs.