We Provide Solutions That Make It Easy for Programmers and Integrators to Succeed In Their Projects.

Control Concepts’ focus has shifted from project programming to creating the necessary components to make programmers successful.

You can count on a highly qualified team of AV software developers who tackle the challenges of making integration easier by developing modules, drivers, and plugins for any products with a fully-featured API.

Simple to configure or program means more difficult to develop.

Software developers like Control Concepts take on the challenges required to deliver simpler yet more effective solutions for everyone.

With the development of modules, drivers and plugins:

  • Device control is simplified, predictable, and efficient.
  • You have confidence that new products will be controlled reliably.
  • Advanced technical challenges, unique features, and client requests can be easily adopted.

The more manufacturers invest in control modules, drivers, and plugins, the more advantage programmers will have to succeed in their projects.

The Control Concepts’ Free Utility Module store offers a variety of solutions to address common needs that help programmers get their job done.

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