Programmed vs. Configured Control System Solutions

AV control system programming is still a highly-valued offering with clear advantages, but its future is becoming more ambiguous as the industry’s understanding, needs, and expectations evolve.

While many IT and/or AV departments or organizations value a high degree of customization, they are burdened with the time constraints and costs of highly customized offerings. As a result, many are gravitating to “off the shelf” or “configured” solutions that do not require the perceived challenges of implementation, time requirements, or expenses.

While there is a place for both programmed and configured solutions, clearly understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each will help to facilitate the decision-making process and go a long way to promoting the long-term success of the system and in turn client satisfaction.

No matter which path is ultimately chosen, there are clear, consistent steps that should be followed and applied universally to help identify all the requirements and aid in the determination of a proper approach.

            • Understand the differences between programmed and configured control solutions
            • Define typical use cases for both the programmed and configured approaches
            • Learn how to help a client identify which approach is right for their project or organization
            • Identify the pros and cons of each approach to make an informed selection between programmed and configured solutions
            • Adopt an effective method to define the functionality requirements and details to ensure expectations are met regardless of whether the programmed or configured approach is chosen

Steve Greenblatt, CTS, President and Founder, Control Concepts is now offering, on a limited basis, a free one-hour session for organizations who are interested in learning more about the differences between programmed and configured control system solutions. Attendees will also be eligible to earn one AVIXA CTS RU.

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