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Control Concepts is a team of experienced technology professionals who specialize in control programming, software development, and specialty services for audio visual systems in boardrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms. We authentically care about providing a high quality product or service that is done right the first time using our proven design and development processes. We will always finish what we start and provide technical and customer support until all commitments are met.

Throughout the years, Control Concepts has evolved from being an independent control system programming company into being an audiovisual specialty services solutions provider. What that means is that we have both expanded our scope of offerings, to address needs in the industry, and also strive to work closer with technology managers and consultants to help satisfy the needs of end users and accomplish collective goals.

Control system programming is just one of the specialty services required for a fully functional audiovisual system. By offering audio DSP programming, field commissioning, and engineering, Control Concepts can eliminate more system variables for technology managers and consultants looking for a valued, long term relationship.

Our Customers Say

Our software development offerings are geared toward providing more value and capability for technology managers, consultants, integrators, and in-turn end users. Through mainstream programming languages and creative solutions, we aim to surpass the perceived boundaries and constraints of traditional audiovisual systems. Our offerings not only address customer needs and solve problems, but also help make other programmers more effective. Whether through control modules, middleware solutions, or custom applications, Control Concepts is helping technology managers, consultants, integrators and end users be more effective and efficient.

Control Concepts was born from the desire to provide the highest quality control system solutions possible. Founded by Steve Greenblatt in 1997, at a time when independent programming companies were virtually nonexistent and control systems were simpler. Today, control system solutions and programming are complex. Not only are they an essential part of AV installations, but increasingly they play a broader role in integrating AV with other systems and processes, including information technology, building and facilities management, energy conservation and security.

Modern day business does not run without the ability to communicate through audiovisual systems. Consistency, ease of use, and reliability are the keys to their effectiveness. Thus, choosing a partner who specializes quality, consistency, and system functionality should be a priority.

Our highly motivated, experienced professionals are dedicated to serving the control programming and related needs of technology managers, consultants, and integrators throughout North America. With a strong and talented team, full of passion, energy and the desire to make a big impact in the field, we have led the way with many industry innovations. We set high standards for professional services and solid engineering practices. This has led to many satisfied clients, successful projects, and our well-earned reputation as a high quality, reliable and efficient control system solutions provider.

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