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Middleware for AMX RMS & Crestron Fusion

Middleware allows two pieces of software to communicate through use of an API. It helps deliver a seamless experience for Technology Managers and end users within an organization looking to manage meeting rooms or classrooms.

Middleware solutions developed by Control Concepts for multiple applications and users across environments (education, health, corporate) are powerful tools that provide unification across independently operated systems.

Control Concepts has developed middleware for AMX RMS and Crestron Fusion. Some middleware offerings include:

  • Dean Evans EMS
  • Asure Resource Scheduler

By working with us, you gain more customizable development, more timely response, more control over your end product and the specialized attention and expertise you need.

Scheduling and Resource Management Solutions

To enhance the functionality of AMX RMS or Crestron Fusion, Control Concepts middleware allows users to access scheduling and meeting information from resident scheduling software and populate scheduling touchpanels and/or trigger AV related events in meeting rooms or classrooms.

In these scenarios, meeting information can be shared outside the room, and rooms can be configured for planned meetings. This saves time, improves efficiency and enhances usability of rooms and the technology they house.

Find Your Solution: Middleware for AV Projects and Users

Technology Managers, consultants, integrators, and manfucaturers come to Control Concepts looking for solutions that meet demands and exceed expectations. We offer fixed price pre-developed middleware products, custom development services, and extended support and maintenance agreements that accommodate future needs.

If we don’t have a pre-developed solution that meets your specific needs or if you have a request for custom solutions that has not already been developed, our development services are available for hire.

Get to Know Middleware Developed by Control Concepts

Control Concepts for Crestron Fusion Enterprise Management Platform/EMS Scheduling Interface

The Crestron Fusion/EMS Scheduling Interface developed by Control Concepts uses the Crestron Fusion API and EMS API Web Service to facilitate communication as well as to exchange scheduling data between Crestron Fusion and EMS scheduling software.

The middleware provides the appointment management features of the Fusion application in order to synchronize Fusion location schedules with EMS.

The Fusion API enables users to add rooms in the Fusion application in order to schedule, and to display daily room schedules and appointment details. Through the interface, users are able to create ad-hoc meetings directly from the touchpanel and to save those to the EMS hosted service.

AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) and EMS Software by Dean Evans EMS (DEA)

When Control Concepts began the AMX middleware project, the AMX team told its healthcare client to expect a turnaround time of “a couple of months.” Instead, Control Concepts custom development had preliminary testing “ready to go in three weeks,” according to AMX Product Manager Justin Kennedy. Kennedy recognizes the fast, quality turnaround as an asset to the AMX/Control Concepts relationship and to the relationships that manufacturers are able to maintain with their customers.

Reliable Middleware for Crestron

“Control Concepts is reliable. We know these guys and trust them. We are happy to work with them and to introduce them to manufacturers.” – Dominick Accurso, Manager Crestron Integrated Partner Program.

Crestron recognizes Control Concepts middleware development as providing an important “value add” for the company’s products. Whether Crestron encounters a customer that “wants a driver as soon as the new product is issued to the market,” or a customer that has a “large corporate client with a hard deadline,” Crestron’s Accurso notes, Control Concepts is a trusted Crestron choice for driver development and programming services for Crestron Fusion and other products.

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