MantelMount Increases Ease of Integration with Control4 Driver

MantelMount, a revolutionary television mounting company that specializes in high-on-the-wall installations has partnered with Control Concepts to expand the functionality of their MM860 Automated Mount by providing seamless integration with the Control4 control system.

With the continuing expansion of automated home technology, MantelMount wanted to provide clients with an easy way to integrate their MM860 automated mount into residential control platforms seamlessly. After a deep inspection of the product’s API, Control Concepts developed a Control4 driver for effortless integration of the MM860. In the past, the companies also worked together to provide integration with Crestron and ELAN control platforms.

MantelMount reached out to Control Concepts with the knowledge that their product would be in the hands of a well-known, reputable company of high-qualified professionals while being confident that Control Concepts would deliver the development on time and within budget. The companies worked together to find the best solution for the MM860 while maintaining its upscale functionalities. With just the push of a button or voice command, the MM860 Robotic Mount automatically lowers and swivels a TV into position for the best picture quality and ultimate viewing experience, providing an ideal solution for upscale installations high on a wall or over a fireplace.

As a result of the driver developed by Control Concepts, MantelMount’s clients can enjoy an upscale TV experience, and integrators and programmers can easily integrate the product into a Control4 system with an easy-to-use interface. Working with Control Concepts, MantelMount also highlighted the decreased need for customer service during and after installation due to Control Concepts’ proven process of testing the drivers against the product.

“The Control Concepts team are experts at developing a professional API integration that is easy for programmers and installers to implement,” shared Lee Marc, MantelMount CEO. “As a result, our product can be readily installed and integrated without the need for technical support.”

“We have worked with MantelMount on several occasions and appreciate their desire to ensure seamless control system integration through the investment of drivers, modules, and plugins,” remarked Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts’ President and Founder. “Partners like MantelMount prove the value that a relationship with a software development company that specializes in API integration can provide a manufacturer and their clients.”

The drivers for the MM860 Robotic Mount can be easily found and downloaded from the Control Concepts’ Manufacturers Partners page.

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About MantelMount: Founded in 2015 and located in Carlsbad, CA, MantelMount ( created a niche category of revolutionary television mounts that easily accommodate high-on-the-wall installations such as above fireplaces. The patented technology used for the up-and-down, tilt-and-swivel adjustability, allows viewers the preferred view of any large flat screen television. In short, MantelMount turns high-level viewing into eye-level viewing, while eliminating glare, for the best picture quality possible. With MantelMount, we make every seat in the house the best seat in the house.

About Control Concepts: Found in 1997, Control Concepts is a leader in integrating manufacturers’ products with AV control system platforms by developing drivers, modules, plugins, middleware, and accompanying support. The value provided by these offerings eases the effort for integrators and programmers seeking to control devices with robust APIs and provides simplified compatibility for third-party manufacturers’ devices.