Bose Partners with Control Concepts to Offer Prompt Effective Integration of the Videobar VB1


Bose Professional has enlisted the expertise of Control Concepts to build and support modules, drivers, and plugins for several of their popular product lines, beginning with the Videobar VB1. This partnership provides the integration dealers the benefits of time savings, ease of control and robust, reliable performance when implementing AV control system platforms using the solutions supported by Control Concepts.

These modules, drivers, and plugins offer integrators and programmers a guarantee that the premium audio and video features supported by the VB1 API will be seamlessly implemented while eliminating the burden of complex software development on the programmer.

“Our system integration dealers strongly requested control system modules, drivers, and plugins. Our Bose Videobar VB1 is being installed in conferencing spaces that include entire AV room control,” shared Shawn Watts, Bose’s Senior Product Marketing Manager. “Having the middleware solutions developed by Control Concepts allows those integrating the VB1 with control platforms a smooth process with predictable performance.”

The Bose Videobar VB1 is an all-in-one USB conferencing solution that brings effortless premium audio and video to meeting areas, from huddle spaces to medium-sized conference rooms. For spaces requiring complete AV/IT system control, Control Concepts’ modules, drivers, and plugins simplify the programming and integration process for seamless functionality and user operation.

 Learn more about the Videobar VB1.

“The opportunity to support Bose Professional and contribute to the success of their clients and products is truly rewarding for everyone on our team,” remarked Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts’ President and Founder. Having a well-known and reputable manufacturer of the caliber of Bose Professional place confidence in our team to help ensure their products are easier to control, program, and integrate truly speaks to the value that a relationship with Control Concepts provides.

“Working with Control Concepts was a great experience. The communication level of their team made the development process easy to coordinate and execute,” added Watts. “They got the work done quickly, and their expertise with the control platforms is demonstrated in our results. We look forward to continuing the partnership in the future.”

The modules for the VB1 can be easily found and downloaded from the Control Concepts’ Manufacturer Partners page.

About Bose: Bose Professional is about creating incredible experiences — from an unforgettable live music event to a clear conference call that gets the whole team on the same page. Those exceptional experiences don’t just happen. They need to be built, one piece at a time. That’s why Bose Professional is here.

About Control Concepts: Founded in 1997, Control Concepts is a leader in integrating manufacturers’ products with AV control system platforms through the development of drivers, modules, plugins, middleware, and accompanying support. The value provided by these offerings eases the effort for integrators and programmers seeking to control devices with robust APIs and provides simplified compatibility for third-party manufacturers’ devices.

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