AtlasIED Increases the Atmosphere System Capabilities with Control Concepts’ Module and Driver Development

AtlasIED, a leading commercial audio provider spanning small businesses to large enterprises, has collaborated with Control Concepts to make their Atmosphere system even easier to integrate with other manufacturers’ products through a single interface. The availability of third-party control modules and drivers, developed by Control Concepts for Crestron, AMX, and Extron control platforms provide expanded capabilities and added ease of integration.

In addition to the control options within Atmosphere, modules and drivers for third-party control offer integrators the choice and flexibility to implement Atmosphere with devices outside the native ecosystem. These middleware solutions leverage Atmosphere’s robust API making it easy for integrators to implement custom control surfaces and advanced logic to address any unique request a client may have, while also leveraging Atmosphere for the audio in common applications like a corporate conference room, hotel lobby, restaurant, or other mix media space.

Atmosphere System

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“Working with Control Concepts to address our need for third-party control integration was excellent from start to finish,” shared Tom Lureman, AtlasIED’s Director of Product Management and Engineering. “All our questions and concerns about module and driver development were immediately addressed upfront. Not only did the thoroughness of their approach and attention to detail provide us with confidence that they really understood our product, audience, and needs, they also coached us through the process of making educated decisions that would lead to favorable outcomes for our product.”

Manufacturers Partners: AtlasIED

“It is exciting to see how the AtlasIED Atmosphere system is growing and evolving in its feature set, flexibility, and integration potential,” remarked Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts President & Founder. “In addition to providing a highly capable external API, AtlasIED has taken steps to ensure that Atmosphere is easy to integrate for programmers of all types by investing in control system modules and drivers. The availability of these modules and drivers not only demonstrates AtlasIED’s commitment to the power of the Atmosphere solution, it is also indicative of their desire to help make their dealers’ projects more successful by reducing complexity, saving time, and streamlining integration.”

Control Concepts is proud to collaborate with AtlasIED on achieving exceptional results and continuing to serve the AV industry with quality products that meet the demands of integrators, programmers, and end-users. We want our clients and our clients’ clients to be successful, profitable, and highly regarded in the industry. Our relationship with AtlasIED is indicative of our commitment to fulfilling this mission.

About AtlasIED: AtlasIED has been a recognized leader in the pro-audio industry for over 85 years, developing innovative audio solutions for a wide variety of commercial environments. The company’s diverse, comprehensive, and ever-evolving solutions cater to the high-quality audio and communication technology needs of markets globally, including transportation, healthcare, corporate, industrial, government, hospitality, education, and house of worship. Technologically advanced, expertly engineered, and highly marketable, AtlasIED’s products and systems deliver mass communication, high intelligibility announcements, IP-based visual and audio communications, distributed audio, background music, paging, and sound masking solutions to commercial projects of every size and scope, including those which are mission-critical. Family-owned, the company’s nine locations and a well-established network of experienced manufacturer representatives and distributors throughout the world ensure exceptional customer support and service to drive continued growth and advancement of the commercial audio industry.

About Control Concepts: Found in 1997, Control Concepts is a leader in integrating manufacturers’ products with AV control system platforms through the development of drivers, modules, plugins, middleware, and accompanying support. The value provided by these offerings eases the effort for integrators and programmers seeking to control devices with robust APIs and provides simplified compatibility for third-party manufacturers’ devices. Control Concepts also provides AV control system programming, audio configuration, software development, and specialty services for AV systems.