InfoComm Acts as a Catalyst for First-timers

Control Concepts’ marketing specialist, Emily Rocha shares her perspective on the impact of InfoComm on newcomers to the AV industry.

InfoComm22, the most anticipated US in-person meetup of the professional AV industry, brought a unique feeling of reunion for AV professionals. The event, held in Las Vegas in June 2022, may not have broken attendance records, but the vibe and experience did not disappoint.

Amongst the over 19,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors were many annual attendees eager to catch up with friends, build business connections, and celebrate the opportunity to gather in person and appreciate the value of the AV community. What should not be overlooked, but instead needs to be highlighted, were the many new faces who experienced InfoComm for the first time in 2022.

One of those AV industry newcomers and InfoComm first timers was Control Concepts‘ marketing specialist, Emily Rocha. Rocha joined the industry shortly after InfoComm21 and has been eager to find her place in the AV community for the past seven months. For her, this first InfoComm experience was an eye-opener providing perspective and exposure to the infinite possibilities and vast potential of the AV industry.

A Newbie’s Takeaways

When asked about her takeaways from InfoComm22, Rocha shared, “InfoComm attendance should be a requirement for all newbies to the AV industry like me. The chance to witness the direction of the industry, understand technology trends, and appreciate the diverse opportunities available to those who want to get involved and support the growth of the AV community is amazing.”

One of the stories commonly shared by those who have been in the AV industry for a while is that once you join, it becomes your home, and you never leave. Emily validated this as she was introduced to many AV veterans for the first time. “Many people I met shared how they started in a role or organization and ended up in another while remaining in the industry,” commented Rocha. “It is incredible how often I heard this and the consistency of the message. It proves that the AV industry is worth the investment and gives me confidence that it is a great place to be.”

A notable highlight of InfoComm22 that Emily identified was the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast. “It was during this event that my eagerness to get more involved intensified,” Rocha said. “Hearing that women only make up 14 percent of the AV industry displays how much work still needs to be done. Coming from Control Concepts, where our team is more than 25 percent female, means we are ahead of the curve. However, I must pull up my sleeves and get more involved to make a difference. I believe that being part of the Women’s Council and supporting the women in AV is the first punch in winning the equity battle. For me, this breakfast brought awareness of industry needs while also offering an excellent guide for personal brand and professional development.”

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The Power of Relationships

At Control Concepts, there is a strong belief in the power of relationships. InfoComm22, like past InfoComms, offered a terrific opportunity to reinforce connections with existing clients and partners. Meeting in person greatly enhances those personal and professional bonds through in-depth conversations and shared experiences. Rocha added, “It is rewarding to meet people face-to-face who we have only spoken with on calls. We also witnessed firsthand the success of the manufacturer partners we actively support, which is the goal we have been working hard to achieve.”

Over the week at InfoComm, the Control Concepts team participated in many valuable meetings, events, and casual interactions. One common sentiment is that no price tag can be put on the value of these activities, and the long-term impact on business is immeasurable. “The opportunity to discuss the unquestionable need for software and value that software developers can bring to a product and manufacturer’s business through supporting API integration was truly significant. We want to help everyone in the industry be more effective,” remarked Rocha. “Witnessing conversations with clients and prospects firsthand and seeing how they respond to our work, mission, and the value of our offerings shows that we are on the right path. It also confirms that I work for a company that is truly invested in supporting the success of others.”

From a marketer’s perspective, Emily shared that she gained a valuable perspective of the AV industry as a whole and precisely how Control Concepts fits in. “InfoComm inspired me to develop new approaches to communicate Control Concepts’ message,” Rocha stated. “By better understanding how what we do impacts others, I can be more creative and effective in connecting with our audience on various levels.”

Lastly, a fantastic by-product of attending any conference or trade show like InfoComm with team members is the bonding that occurs. Control Concepts embraces the value of InfoComm and the camaraderie that results. Each year a team is selected to represent the company based on need, role, and personal interest.

“Working together on achieving our goals at the show reinforced the bond with my team and increased our eagerness to do more for the industry,” Rocha concluded. “I am already looking forward to next year’s show.”

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