The Value of InfoComm

InfoComm has been a staple on the Control Concepts’ calendar since the company was founded in 1997.  Early to mid June is consistently reserved for a gathering of AV industry pros who come from across the globe to tell stories, share ideas, rekindle friendships, build business relationships, and learn from each other’s experiences.  Although some may feel that InfoComm is simply a trade show highlighting new products and technologies and thus question its importance, those who share this view likely have not experienced the true value of the event.

Year after year, InfoComm provides the vibe of being a celebration of the AV industry.  For many, it is a family reunion.  (The side that you look forward to seeing.)  Given the fact that the majority of those who join the AV industry stay in the AV industry, frequent attendees are certain to see familiar faces, grow their connections, establish name recognition, and become engrained in the AV community.

Attending InfoComm provides a true perspective of the vastness and reach that the AV industry has to offer as well as how each individual role fits.  If you are newer to AV or are not regularly exposed to the industry at large, InfoComm can be an eye opening experience to the entirety of the AV ecosystem.

The AV industry consists of a variety of various segments and players stemming from manufacturers to integrators to service providers to clients.  All of these groups play a vital role in the success of the AV business and thus it is important to understand and create awareness as to how each interact with others.  Through attendance at InfoComm and participation in AVIXA, not only is familiarity fostered, relationships that may not have otherwise blossomed are developed.

While the InfoComm show floor is the center of attention for exhibitors whose financial investment make the event happen, it is those who attend, and not necessarily the product that is shown, that offers the most value and makes the InfoComm experience a success.  Between the chance interactions occurring in hallways, meeting rooms, bus rides, hotels, and social gatherings and the intentional meetups at networking events, educational sessions, and meals the opportunities to engage in quality conversation and make valuable connections are plentiful.  Where else but at an industry trade show can one be immersed amongst peers, partners, and potential clients conversing about very relatable topics while bonding on a personal level?

There is no doubt that InfoComm21 will be unique and considerably different than previous InfoComm shows for a variety of reasons.  While we can certainly reminisce about what could have been and rationalize the decision to not participate, the opportunity still exists for those who are “all in” to reap the benefit of being together and receive great return on their investment.

Here are some ways that InfoComm21 can provide value that can exceed previous InfoComm events:

  • Smaller crowds provide easier navigation and more opportunities for personalized engagement
  • Fewer commitments for exhibitor booth tours allows for more time for walking the floor and participating in educational sessions
  • Exhibitors who bring their “A” game will be recognized and have the opportunity to shine
  • Smaller and up-and-coming companies will have greater opportunity to be recognized, attract an audience, and receive appreciation
  • With less commitments vying for everyone’s time, more focus can be put into each appointment, event, and gathering that occurs
  • Random and casual conversations will have more value because everyone in attendance will be committed to being engaged in the event
  • Those who demonstrate dedication to the event will be valued and recognized by exhibitors, organizers, and all others in attendance

Control Concepts will be proudly represented at InfoComm21 and participate in the following social events and educational sessions:

We look forward to continuing the celebration and advancement of the AV industry and those in it, and hope that you too will be joining us at InfoComm21 in Orlando on October 26-29.  Please reach out and let us know so we can meet up!

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