Control Concepts and RTI Expand Relationship with New RTI Driver

In its continued commitment to enable connections between third party AV manufacturers, programmers, and control system manufacturers, Control Concepts is proud to share its affiliation with Remote Technologies, Inc. (RTI) as an Independent Driver and GUI Developer.

As an RTI driver developer, Control Concepts is highly familiar with the language and best practices for working with the RTI programming environment and Software Development Kit (SDK). All Control Concepts drivers are compatible with Integration Designer APEX programming platform to remove barriers and provide efficiency for integrators, allowing them to focus on client value.

“Our relationship with RTI has spanned many years as a resource for internal driver development needs.  It is exciting to be casting more light upon it, so that we can help more manufacturers seeking seamless product integration with RTI,” remarks Steve Greenblatt Control Concepts President and Founder.  “We are thrilled to help RTI, their partners, and their dealers have valuable and efficient outcomes when it comes to ease of integration and compatibility.”

“Control Concepts is an asset to our Independent Driver & GUI Developers program,” shared Paul Key, RTI Director of Product Integration.  “They are a reliable resource for RTI and our partners, valued for their skill level, commitment to our brand, and experience working with third party manufacturers in both the residential and commercial markets.  The combination of their drivers and support provides great benefit to our dealers.”

The relationship between Control Concepts and RTI benefits third-party manufacturers seeking increased adoption of products in installations controlled by the RTI platform as well as programmers and dealers looking for customizable, reliable, and efficient solutions for their clients.

Control Concepts is a leader in the integration of manufacturers’ products with control system platforms through the development of drivers, modules, plugins, middleware, and accompanying support.  The value provided by these offerings eases the effort for integrators and programmers seeking to control devices with robust APIs and provides simplified compatibility for third-party manufacturers’ devices.

To learn more about Control Concepts’ offerings for manufacturers, please visit our Manufacturers’ Module Development page or email projects@controlconcepts.net.

To learn more about RTI, please visit https://www.rticontrol.com.

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