Vanco International Invests In Control Concepts Control System Drivers

As is the case with many manufacturers who are dedicated to delivering ease of use, flexibility, and streamlined integration for their end users and dealers, Vanco International understands the value of an investment in control system drivers/modules for their clients’ most sought-after control platforms.

Investing in Control System Drivers

The availability of professionally developed control system drivers/modules is not something to be taken lightly.  It can be a factor in closing a sale, a reflection on the product’s effectiveness, and the difference between a system working reliably or marginally.  Therefore, selecting a proven partner who specializes in the development, implementation, and support of control system drivers/modules was a critical step for Vanco in releasing their new line of 4K matrix switchers.

“From the onset, Control Concepts demonstrated the professionalism and competency needed to instill confidence that our drivers would meet our quality standards and timeline for the new product release,” remarked Brandon White, Director of New Product Development at Vanco International.  “They not only stood by their commitment, but they also provided a seamless experience. Their development team is incredible.”

Developing Control4, ELAN, and RTI Drivers for Vanco

The task of driver/module development that Control Concepts was selected to perform had an extra layer of depth.  While it can be a challenge to develop drivers/modules for a singular control system platform, especially within a tight timeframe, Vanco’s request was for drivers/modules to be developed for three independent control platforms (Control4, Elan, RTI) with all three having consistent functionality and operation.

“Upon initially discussing Vanco’s needs, we were pleased to identify that our strengths as an AV software development company specializing in creation and support of drivers and modules for AV manufacturers appeared to be a great fit,” commented Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts President and Founder.  “Vanco’s request for multi-platform support allowed us to showcase our depth of knowledge and the bandwidth of our team to create and support drivers for Control4, Elan, and RTI concurrently.  Vanco is a great partner who understands the value of drivers and modules, and appreciates the care and precision that goes into the development process.”

The development of the drivers was just the starting point in the relationship between the two companies.  Vanco and Control Concepts worked together to ensure the deliverables satisfied beta testers needs in real-world environments, as well as satisfied the specific standards of each of the three control system manufacturers (Control4, Elan, RTI).

Moving forward, Vanco and Control Concepts have established an ongoing support relationship to assist programmers and integrators who have questions or need help with implementation of the drivers.

Learn More: Evolution by Vanco

For more information about the Evolution by Vanco products, the 4K HDBaseT 4×4 and 8×8 Matrix with ARC, IR, IP and RS-232, visit:

Available Downloads:

To download the Vanco drivers visit Control Concepts’ Manufacturer Partners page.

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