user interface of the Control Concepts Zoom Room controller

Control Concepts’ Application Simplifies Zoom Room Controls

With Zoom becoming a household name and Zoom Rooms playing a bigger part in clients’ strategic solutions, Control Concepts has developed a software solution to help technology managers, consultants, integrators, and manufacturers leverage the capabilities of Zoom Room Controls.

The Zoom Room Controls feature allows programmers to control third-party, IP-capable devices, so that the functions of these devices can be easily accessed using the Zoom Room user interface. Zoom Room Admins can upload a custom JSON formatted configuration profile to add outgoing IP control messages from a Zoom Room*.

In an effort to simplify the task of creating custom JSON files required to implement Zoom Room Control (details can be found on Zoom’s Help Center), Control Concepts has developed a user friendly, web-based Room Controls Profile Maker application that is free for anyone to use.

Control Concepts’ Zoom Room Controls Profile Maker

The Control Concepts’ Zoom Room Controls Profile Maker is designed to provide a straightforward way to create, edit, and save custom control configurations for use with Zoom Room Controls. By following the steps outlined in the online documentation, the ability to leverage Zoom Room Controls for one or many deployments is easily within reach.

The benefits of the Zoom Room Controls feature is that it supports direct control of third-party equipment from a customized Zoom Room user interface allowing integration of environmental controls such as lighting and shades, power on and off of display devices, expansion of the number of physical inputs that can be shared, and more.

With the availability of the Zoom Room Controls Profile Maker, Control Concepts continues to contribute to successful programming and configuration of integrated systems by tackling the heavy lifting of complex device control. Whether through control system modules/drivers/plugins, middleware, or custom applications, Control Concepts looks to support programmers and manufacturers in making products easier to integrate.

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* Third-party devices controllable directly by LAN or WLAN. RS-232 or relay controls are directly supported using Global Cache iTach network adapters (IP2SL/IP2CC or Wi-Fi equivalent – as specified by Zoom) or indirectly via communication with other IP enabled control processors (i.e. AMX, Crestron, Extron, QSC).

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