BSH Partners with Control Concepts to Integrate Home Connect Appliances with Crestron

While there are many manufacturers that contribute to the smart home experience, few offer smart appliances. With the release of the Home Connect Appliance Suite, supporting Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Thermador and Gaggenau, the practicality of the smart home just got a lot greater. Bringing it all together, with the availability of control system modules developed by Control Concepts, each integrates seamlessly with Crestron.

In addition to the availability of a mobile application and a dashboard for device control and monitoring, BSH Home Connect offers a fully featured API used to develop the Crestron control modules to support control of a wide variety of features and functionality including refrigeration, freezing, cooking, baking, dishwashing, washing and drying, coffee making, and robotic vacuum cleaners. Crestron integrators and programmers now have the ability to quickly and easily add smart appliances to their connected home solutions without the need for complex programming.

Sheldon Lam, Digital Partnerships Manager at BSH Home Appliance Corporation, initially reached out to Control Concepts looking for a company that not only understood software development and how to harness the Home Connect API, but for partner that could help bridge the gap to the world of Crestron automation and guide BSH to get the most out of their investment in control modules.

After working with Control Concepts’ software developers Adam Hanson and David Glassman, Lam commented, “the entire development journey from the initial kickoff meeting to the final deliverable has been a great experience. The level of expertise and knowledge that Control Concepts has in developing Crestron modules really showed when working with our Home Connect API and being able to creating similar functionalities on a Crestron interface as can be provided on a smartphone application.”

“The opportunity to work with BSH was both exciting and rewarding,” remarked Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts President and Founder. “Not only did our team help BSH bring their products to market with a fully featured control system module suite that enhances their product value and makes integration and programming easy, we also got to add value to high tech appliances that can make people’s lives easier.”

As Lam states, “The value that the Home Connect modules give to our consumers is the ability to finally incorporate their connected kitchen with the rest of their smart home by providing unique kitchen-centric experiences. Those who are looking for a custom-tailored experience to either entertain your guests when hosting a dinner party or gain added practicality when working with their appliances would want to get the Home Connect modules. The heart of the home can now be the heart of the smart home.”

Links to Crestron control modules for the entire suite of BSH Home Connect Appliances can be found on the Control Concepts’ Manufacturer Partner page.

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