The Value of Core Values

There are reasons why teams find synergies, businesses work well together, and clients do business with certain organizations. In most cases, it’s not about competitive pricing, quick turnaround time, value in quality products or services, profit margin, or wages. Successful business, client, and employment relationships are built on a common set of beliefs or values.

Whether they are subconsciously known or derived from a methodical planning exercise individuals, businesses, and organizations each have their own set of core values that distinguish who they are, what is important to them, and with whom they resonate. When effectively defined and vetted, core values can fuel marketing, sales, hiring, management, and relationship building strategies, as well as provide a guiding light in decision making both for leaders and team members of all levels.

Client relationships and business partnerships that are built on common core values tend to be stronger and more forgiving. Instead of business being sidelined when bumps in the road occur on projects, negotiations, or communication, the trust in a core values-based relationship allows for more flexibility and commitment to reaching a resolution with mutual benefit.

While it is important for organizations and their members to understand and live by their core values to truly realize their benefit, it is also important for individuals to be aware of their personal core values and assess how they mesh with those of their organization. Those with the greater overlap of core values will likely be more content and successful in their organization.

In order to validate the synergy of core values, it is not only important to identify and define them, they must also be shared, published, and acknowledged both internally and externally.

At Control Concepts, we have prioritized the need to identify a concise and easy-to-recall list of of our core values and validate them in practice. Here’s what we have defined:

The Core Values of Control Concepts, Inc

We are:

  • Consistent
  • Caring
  • Innovative
  • Honorable
  • Committed to Excellence

For each, we have provided a description or example of why it is important.


The Control Concepts team prides itself on a consist approach to projects and client experiences, as indicated by a commitment to quality systems and processes that support business operations. This consistency is what establishes expectations, builds client confidence, and leads to repeat business.


At Control Concepts, we care about our team, our clients, and our industry. Caring transcends business and means treating everyone with respect, putting others needs in front of your own, and ensuring that obligations are met, commitments are satisfied, and satisfaction is achieved. Simply putting in time and addressing tasks is not the goal; acting with purpose and doing so with care and consideration is what is paramount.


One of the visions that defines Control Concepts is that “we solve the programming challenges that seemingly exceed the capabilities of typical systems.” This type of innovative thinking results in doing things differently, pursuing new ideas, experimenting and learning, and pursuing unique solutions that may or may not have previously been done. As demonstrated by leveraging modern programming languages in the AV space for years, Control Concepts has and will continue to be innovative.


Being honorable refers to acting with integrity and always doing what is right, even if it isn’t specifically requested or recognized. In some cases, doing the right thing can be costly but provide a benefit to others with little or nothing in return. While it is human nature to want to win and look out for your best interest, being honest, fair, and honorable remain the choice of the Control Concepts team. Our team not only exhibits a high degree of consideration, we are also accountable for our actions, own our mistakes, and ensure that we do what it takes to make things right. This is especially effective in soothing a rare dispute or conflict.

Commitment to Excellence

Whether it means putting our best foot forward, finishing what we start, standing behind our work, or ensuring our clients’ satisfaction, a commitment to excellence is ingrained in the fiber of Control Concepts. From high standards of quality to unwavering professional behavior, being recognized as an industry leader in technical, business, and customer service are paramount.

It is these guiding principles that not only define Control Concepts, but also unite our team and provide a magnetic force to attract clients and partners who resonate with a similar set of principles. Have you focused in on your own core values? What are they and how do they relate to ours?

Successful relationships are built with like-minded companies and individuals. If our core values connect with you, chances are we already work well together or the potential for building a successful and supportive relationship is only a step away.

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