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New Middleware for EMS Platform and Crestron Fusion Available

[May 2020] – Control Concepts is excited to announce the release of a new middleware product integrating Crestron Fusion with EMS Platform Services.

EMS Platform Services is an add-on, middle-tier component offered by EMS.  Platform Services provides a modern, scalable way for partners and customers to integrate with EMS through a RESTful API providing a consistent experience across all EMS products.  It is important to note that EMS will no longer be continuing development of their legacy interface EMS API.  Since EMS API in is maintenance only mode, no new features are being added.  It will only being updated with patches and bug fixes.

With this new product release, Control Concepts now offers two options for integration with EMS with Crestron Fusion – either through the EMS API or EMS Platform Services.  Existing support agreements for EMS middleware with EMS API will continue to be honored.

As an added benefit, should Control Concepts EMS API middleware cease to function at some time in the future, a complimentary upgrade to the new EMS Platform middleware will be provided for clients with active support agreements.

For more information on EMS Platform middleware for Crestron Fusion, please contact



Control Concepts is nearing release of new Middleware that interfaces Crestron Fusion with EMS Platform. To learn more about the changes and why a new solution is important or to receive Control Concepts’ pre-release pricing click “Learn More” below.