How a Video Tutorial Enhances Integration of a Control Module

How can a video tutorial enhance a control module and its integration?

In an effort to simplify the integration of their products with Crestron and AMX control, Clockaudio initially reached out Control Concepts in 2017 looking for programming support. The conversation focused on developing modules to help integrators and AV programmers minimize the time and effort required to capitalize on the features of their advanced products (specifically the CDT-100) when integrating with control systems. The Control Concepts team solved the challenge by creating control modules that turned a week of work for an expert programmer into a minutes of effort for a programmer of any skill level.

While the Control Concepts standard module package includes a help file and control system demo program for programmers to use as a reference, Clockaudio was looking to offer an even greater level of customer care. After a typical support session an idea was developed to provide greater clarity and ease of integration of the control modules that had already provided measurable return on investment. Clockaudio approached Control Concepts about creating a custom tutorial video for their technical support staff and control programmers.

Control Concepts went to work on putting together an outline, storyboard, script, and visuals that would demonstrate the implementation of the Clockaudio CDT-100 Crestron control module with a Biamp Tesira configuration. With his background in video production, audio DSP setup, and control programming, Control Concepts programmer Mike Spadafora developed an instructional video that walks a viewer through the all specific programming steps of implementation, making sure to address the common areas of misstep.

The result as Robert Moreau, the Managing Director or Clockaudio North America, comments, “the modules developed by Control Concepts provided a way to help blend the use of our products with various control platforms. We requested a video demonstration specifically to make life easier for the person implementing a system. The modules provided by Control Concepts simplified the steps and effort associated with implementation, but adding a demonstrative video helped only to bolster the ease. We at Clockaudio want our products to be as accessible as possible, having the modules and the ‘how to’ video only add to the benefits of our products.”