The Benefit of Commitment to the AV Industry

Despite the innovative technology, impressive solutions, and memorable experiences, according to popular opinion is that the people and community are AV industry’s greatest assets.

Most who find the AV industry stick with it for the long haul and build a successful career, making it even more interesting and impressive is that historically they happen upon it accidentally or as a detour from a career in music.  With opportunities abound for all disciplines and skill levels, it remains that the AV is a well kept secret that doesn’t demand the attention or interest it deserves from those looking for a profession.

Something special about the AV industry is the pride and commitment that is demonstrated among its members.  As in every industry, there are some whose work is simply a job and a means to earning a paycheck or supporting their livelihood.  But for those who make the investment in the industry, their reward is a sense of belonging, valued relationships, increased opportunities for learning and growth, lasting friendships, and greater potential.

While success in business can be measured by sales metrics, profit, and prestige, those who are truly committed to the AV industry also wear a sense of pride and ownership in the work they do and the outcomes they provide.  With an abundance of stories that include unique experiences and challenging projects involving a range of emotions from elation to frustration, all represent proud moments that AV enthusiasts are readily excited to share.  It is this passion for AV and the commitment to the industry that is special and not prevalent among many other lines of work.

One of my own personal core values that I practice both in life and at work is to put 100% into what I do. That goes for embracing my profession, industry, and relationships. Those who commit to what they do, engage in the AV community, and look to learn, share, and grow will find themselves with increased satisfaction, appreciation, and success.

Furthermore, those who are invested in the AV industry want to work with others who are like-minded, have similar interests and goals, and who are equally passionate.  Greater outcomes and mutual benefit results as those relationships evolve.

What’s holding you back in your pursuit of success?  Is it your commitment to the AV industry?

Whether you’re a newcomer or just looking to get more involved, there are many opportunities to join the party and invest in the industry.

Invest in social media –

Whether you share articles, comment on posts, engage in conversation, or simply read and learn from others’ contributions, social media is a great way to get more involved in the industry, meet new people, expand your network, and build relationships.  Connect with companies, colleagues, or friends and be sure to follow #AVTweeps or #AVinTheAM hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Discussion groups exist on several platforms such as Facebook and Reddit to share information, ask questions, and learn.  The more involvement, the more value it can provide.

Participate in local events –

A great way to meet other AV professionals and build community in your area is to get out of your office and attend local events like technology showcases, venue tours, manufacturers’ roadshows, and social gatherings.  Additionally, groups like the AVIXA Women’s Council hold events that bring industry members within a region together.

Attend Manufacturers’ Trainings –

In addition to specific subject matter being taught, the opportunity to learn from others and make connections can be incredibly valuable for both business and personal growth, as well as creating lifelines who can be called to help solve problems or brainstorm ideas.

Pass the AVIXA CTS –

It is often said that it is not the destination, but the journey that is most beneficial.  Studying for and earning a CTS is no different.  There is an incredible sense of pride, accomplishment, and respect in the feeling of passing the CTS.  However, it is the knowledge and experience gained in learning the material that is most valuable.  The CTS not only validates baseline knowledge of the technical and business aspects of AV, it also demonstrates a true commitment to the industry!  The journey of learning and studying is something that can be relatable to others that have gone down the path.  The AV community is very supportive of those who are striving to achieve this impressive goal.

Volunteer –

A great way to get involved, give back, learn, and meet new people is through volunteering.  Trade associations like AVIXA, NSCA, and CEDIA are supported and led by members of the industry.  As a result, they encourage participation and contribution.  From being on a industry-segmented or multi-disciplinary council, to collaborating on a standard, to helping to organize an event, or running for an elected role, volunteering time for industry organizations is a great way to dive head first into the industry.  Not only is there reward in the position you hold or need that you serve, the opportunity to make new connections and broaden your network are equally as valuable.

Attend InfoComm –

If you are not a regular attendee of InfoComm, you’re missing out on an opportunity to see the full scope of the AV industry, meet others from various roles and locations from across the world, and engage in learning and social activities.  InfoComm is staple on my calendar.  I have not missed a show in 24 years.  See our previous post on the Importance of Attending InfoComm for more in depth information.

There is a noticeable difference between those who demonstrate their commitment to the AV industry and those who do not. It shows in their work, their ability to build lasting relationships, their network, and their legacy.  Those who embrace the AV industry not only enjoy personal benefit, they contribute to the success of the industry as a whole while making their mark and amassing great pride, satisfaction, and appreciation along the way.

If you want to hear from others who voice their pride in the AV industry, check out the compilation of Why I love the AV industry by NSCA Ignite.

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